Briggs and Stratton 550EX Carburetor Repair Part 1

This is part 1 of 2 videos that will show you how to clean out the carb on a non-running 550EX series B&S motor.
Link to part 2:

8mm socket w/ ratchet
ratchet extension, at least 3″
T-15 torx bit screwdriver
various smaller flat-head screwdrivers

Carburetor part# 799584
Main jet part# 592792



8 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 550EX Carburetor Repair Part 1

  1. hello good video! I have this exact machine, I took it to a repair shop for some repairs. I got it back and noticed that the original air filter,filter cap and filter housing was replaced with something different than the original parts. my problem is I can't find the original housing to hold the Oval shape air filter. can you help me out with finding a new one. thanks

  2. just saying…about re-using fuel… i like the video though…and it's very detailed, thorough, and not hard to understand. thank you.

  3. good video, bro, however… NEVER, EVER… use fuel that was in gas tank, or carb. If you take the time to disassemble carb, tank, etc… it's not at all worth re-contaminating the whole circuit again. We use a gas can and store all bad gas in it until full, then use it to start fire out back, or clean some kinds of parts…(some kinds will be damaged by gasoline). i believe oil change service centers will accept old gas for a fee…..may need to google that yourself.

  4. Thank you so much for the video and taking the time to do it. I had gotten 90% of the way b4 the video. But the last parts (Part 2) about cleaning the intake (White Plastic item) was spot on. I did it and got the beast back to working! Thanks for posting!!!! -RR

  5. I just had to give an update before I cut the grass :). After watching both of the videos I was able to remove the carb, clean the orifices in the little white piece as you described and got it all back together, now is running perfectly!! Thank you so my friend. If you look at the time stamp, I did the repair in less than 15 minutes. I spent all morning trying to figure this thing out. Should have watched your video first. LOL Thanks again!!

  6. Excellent job with this video. Thank you so much. I neglected to maintain my mower properly and now can only get it to start for a sec with starting fluid. Time to go after the carb. Thanks again!!!

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