Briggs and Stratton 550EX Carburetor Repair Part 2

This is part 2 of 2 videos that will show you how to clean out the carb on a non-running 550EX series B&S motor.
Link to part 1:

8mm socket w/ ratchet
ratchet extension, at least 3″
T-15 torx bit screwdriver
various smaller flat-head screwdrivers

Carburetor part# 799584
Main jet part# 592792



44 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 550EX Carburetor Repair Part 2

  1. A couple of things I would add are: Don't put the float bowl on backwards! Don't over tighten any of the screws because it is made of plastic, and finally always only use clear gas- the non ethanol type because this fuel left in your mower during the winter will ruin it for sure!

  2. Hey jcx. Got one for you — after got my B/S carb cleaned and put back on the PW, It started on second pull . Ran for 20 seconds belching gray smoke then quit. Then I took air filter off and in the little half dish going to the choke valve was a quantity of engine oil. I thought w t f! Where was THIS COMING FROM. Still can't figure it out . Gas should have been only thing getting into carb, right?? Any ideas how oil would get in and stall engine like that?? It makes no sense to me. Thanks for any advice. Bob

  3. July 2020 I just happened to see one mechanic's vid where he uses a drill bit of .020". ( 20 thousands) instead of a sewing needle to clean crud from those cartridge orifices ( white oval thing that lives inside carb). But you have to gently pop it out of it's housing. Oh boy!!! I just happen to have a set of those micro drill bits from harbor freight. Don't use them hardly ever,but now I will . A 20 thou is pretty small — any bigger bit probably will not fit in those jet holes. I also have a micro screw driver set from hardware store to pop out that white cartridge from it's home. 10 bucks for a new one?? Well, maybe a good idea to keep a brand new one handy in a drawer somewhere in your garage or shop where you can find it when your mower won't start. So by now I can fix it. A repairman will ding you $150 for a simple job that might take about 20 or 25 minutes. My unit is a Craftsman pressure washer that had not run for about 9 or 10 months. Same damn plastic carburator. Gummed up and clogged orifices. One guy on you tube mentioned that he found a complete washer at the dump. Someone had had enough and threw it away — man, they cost like $389 new. You CAN NOT get the carb out unless you pull 3 hex bolts and remove the top of the engine, disconnect the linkage wires and don't lose a one inch "0" ring when you pull it away from the motor. Lots of small parts to get lost so DO NOT work on this on your lawn — better on a garage floor that has been swept clean. Keep some paper towels handy too. I'm 99% sure my PW will start now when I get 'er all buttoned back up. Now, I think Briggs/Stratton engineers figured if they could come up with a carb design that was about borderline JUNK, they could make a lot of $$$$ selling brand new carburators to those people who had good experiences with B/S engines AND Craftsman products. You can't start your mower or PW if it cannot get gas. So this is my experience with this ( after much cussing B/S engines) searching internet and my go – to source…….YOU TUBE!!! Hooray !!! Cheers, fellow DYI types. You will be proud of yourself, your little Frau will think you're a frickin genius AND you won't be out 150 bucks or 389 if you haul the thing to the landfill. Bob

  4. Thank you- worked like a charm- without taking the whole thing apart I removed the carburetor cover and used an air compressor to blow out the fuel inlet and the small valve you show on here.

  5. Other YouTube presenters need to take lessons from YOU, articulate, camera control, gotcha's full example of the material covered. I had this problem, YOU fixed it for me!!

  6. Definitely a good help to watch this before first time repair. Mine went perfectly – found a tiny bit of debris seated into the intake port.

  7. Original owner here

    I followed every step by step which was awesome until I had all the gas just draining in front of me from the bowl area. That is the only thing I can't figure out what I did wrong. It wont stop leaking and its sealed tight. I give up! 🥺

    Can i test the carburetor with water to test a leak?

  8. Thank you very much! Took my mower to the repair shop and the guy had a lineup of dozens waiting. So, took it home, followed your video and it started right up!

  9. Followed this step by step, only runs half throttle unless I press the throttle linkage at the back of the engine it goes to full throttle. Any suggestions on what happened?

  10. Thank you! I used this video to repair a pressure washer that had the same Briggs and Stratton motor. The seal over the bowl was slightly different; mine had a plug I could open with a hex wrench then use a long screw driver as torque to pop the seal off. Otherwise your step by step instructions worked like a charm and I got it running again. Much appreciated.

  11. Very helpful. After weeks of not geeing my mower to start, I viewed your video and completed the process as described. Starts beautifully and dutifully every time. THANK YOU

  12. Very clear explaination given with great use video camera! Job well done! wish all youtube videos were this quality. Derek, Dayton Ohio

  13. Okay, so I got distracted while putting the carb back in by my GF, and broke the little loop the larger shaft on a spring was connected to. I do not recommend this, but i heated up a nail with a blow torch, poked a hole in the plastic piece further down and bent the same metal spring loaded thinger-ma-bob. put it all back together and that mofo started up on the 3rd pull and ran better than it did the day i bought it at home depot for 110 bucks refurbished. I mowed the 88y old lady that lives next door's front yard too and she thanked me.

  14. jcx2bby, send me your paypal and I will buy you a beer. I don't have it back together yet but I am confident this 9" grass will be nice and trim inside the hour as I am pretty sure I just had dirty fuel left in this cheapo. (as I am writing this I am 9m into video 2 and about to take the white injector thing out.

  15. I found that I need to take the jet assembly apart. The middle white plastic rod has three holes. All of mine were gunked shut. I cleaned them out, reassambled the machine and viola. Thank you for this video. Tool less than an hour.

  16. Thank you so very much. Your video was amazing I followed everything you did and now my mower works again. First time I ever had to do anything like that.
    Your a life saver thanks again.

  17. I must have taken that carb apart 10 times, changed the gas, used carb cleaner and at most the mower would run for a minute. A needle solved the issue :).Thanks for the video, big thumbs up!

  18. Great video – thanks. Helped me fix mine just one day after ordering a new carburetor from Amazon, which cost me 12.99 + tax. Oh well, s'pose it's good to have a spare.
    (5:15 – Sounded like an H-46 helicopter flew by…yup, good ol' days.)

  19. When i was growing up carburetors were still King,fuel injection didn't show up in masse until the early 80s,now before people start flipping out , yes it was around for many many years before that, anyhow, normally on a carb your needle is basically a valve,when the carb is full of gas it pushes your float up (like a toilet) and shuts off the gas, as the gas is used the float goes down opening up the valve and letting more gas in and the whole process repeats itself.

    Today i did a service on one of these carbs,i took the needle out and without thinking i blew thru the barb on the outside of the carb and nothing happens, this is something you do instinctively after servicing many carbs,you blow thru the barb and make sure its all clean,well i got to thinking "maybe this is a new design and it has some kind of diaphragm inside that only goes one way blah blah blah , well i keep on blowing thru and all of the sudden….pop!!! scared the hell out of me,lol,the needle seat was plugged up bad and whatever was there flew across the room,moral of the story is….. after 100 years carbs are still made the same way, thank you for this video man,its great!!

  20. Thanks so much! It was just what I needed. Your presentation is very clear and it's important for me because I'm French and my English is not very good. But I have understood all of your explanation!

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