Briggs and Stratton 550EX Won't Start

The Briggs and Stratton 550 EX With The New Plastic Style Carburetor wont start and needs a good going through. In this video we will drain the old gas and remove and clean the carburetor bowl and Jet. If you need to replace the jets instead of cleaning them the part number is Briggs PN: 592792.

Marketed as:
The 550ex Series™ Push Mower Engine. Powerful, yet economical. Performance and value rolled up into one unbeatable package.
Overhead Valve (OHV) Engine Design
OHV engines run cooler and cleaner for better fuel economy and longer engine life.
ReadyStart® Engine Starting System
No prime, no choke, no worries. Just pull for power.
Starts in 2 attempts – or B&S fix it for free.*

Briggs and Stratton 550EX Lawn Mower engine on a Yard Machines walk behind mower won’t start. This video shows how to service the carburetor, and drain the old yellow gas. These engines are used on many mowers including: Yard Machines, Craftsman, Briggs and Stratton and many more. Troy Bilt MTD Craftsman



26 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 550EX Won't Start

  1. Of course the repair video was stellar and your instructions worked like a charm. However, I found the greatest value in your existential comments at the end of your presentation. With a little introspection, aided by some incense and candles, (SAFTEY NOTE: Keep the incense far, FAR away from the dad gum gasoline!! Ouch!) I found that it no longer even necessary to murder the innocent blades of grass. Thanks to you, I am now free from the vicious cycle of committing weekly 'lawnocide'! (Side Note: Could you maybe put together some teaching about the zen of dealing with 'Chiggers'?!?!) ; – )

  2. NOT NECCESSARY to undoe carb……JUST KEEP SPRAYING AEROSOL THEN BLOCK INTAKE WITH HAND……old fuel will suck through……ALWAYS USE FILTER FUNNEL not straight from can.

  3. Thanks man! You just saved me having to pay some other guy to fix it or buying a new one. I'm lazy, just not $75 to have someone else do it "lazy"

  4. Briggs & Stratton systems are pieces of crap. One year in and no start, no matter what. That would be a good slogan for this joke of a company…

  5. I just did this on this exact mower, got it running again smoothly to cut a big patch of grass. However, it then choked out again and won't stay running now. Any ideas folks?

  6. Ben, thank you for making this video! You're DIY video helped me to fix my mower & finish my lawn. Your explanation of leaving gas in your mower made me realize why I was having starting problems. Thanks again! 😉👍

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