Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 Tear down and Rebuild

Briggs and Stratton 5HP engine
Model 130202-0500-01 Code 75032507

I received this engine with a Yardman Earthbird tiller from 1975. The engine and tiller had been sitting outside and not running for a number of years.

This is my first tear down and rebuild of a small engine. Youtube has been a terrific source of information for this project.



26 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 Tear down and Rebuild

  1. @Gatewayuser200 I do know that. My goal for this engine was to clean it up and make it as close to factory fresh as I can. So rust anywhere on this engine had to go. Thanks for watching.

  2. i have the same type model but from 1980 im trying to clean it up do you know a good way to paint the engine like what type of high temp paint i should use and also do u know the original color of these engines im guessing it is the reddish orange you have in the video.

  3. we have the same engine, but there are several parts missing inside of the throtal linkage box. also inside of the pull start housing there is a plastic fin that had a piece of wire hooked to it that is hanging out, can you give us a diagram of how that linkage box is hooked up?

  4. The only plastic fin that I can think of, might be an external governor. Yes, there would be a piece of linkage leading to the carb to control the speed of the engine. As the flywheel spins, the fins on the flywheel blow the plastic fin, and as the fin moves, it controls the throttle.

  5. Without seeing your engine, I couldn't tell you what you need to know. My engine has an internal governor and therefore, it doesn't use a plastic fin to control the throttle. Even though the same model of engine is used on multiple machines (tillers, snow throwers, go carts, etc.) each machine has it's own way of controlling the throttle. So I cannot begin to guess what you have or need. I use Google Images a lot just to look at pictures and get ideas. Happy hunting.

  6. I went to the auto parts store and bought a can of automotive engine paint. It happens to be Rust-oleum Engine Enamel that is rated for 500 degrees fahrenheit. As far as original color, this engine came from a Yard Man tiller that was painted orange, so I bought Chevy Orange. As seen in another video, I painted my 1955 Briggs, Ford Red.

  7. I'm enjoying your video's on the B & S. 5hp. Do you have more video's available. I'm studing small engines & I love your presentations & clearness & quality of what you do. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this.

  8. I thank you for watching. This summer has been very busy for me, so I apologize for not getting the videos done on the Briggs 5HP. Hopefully I can finish soon.

  9. I have a engine with the same model # 130202 and I can't find parts for it, gaskets etc. I was hoping you could led me in the right direction, I tried ereplacement parts but the closest model they had was 130200, nothing came up on EBAY, any help would be aprecited

  10. The 130200 parts will work. The 130202 is in the 130200 family. Also try partstree, repairclinic, jackssmallengines, and many many more when you google small engine parts. I don't have a personal favorite, whoever can give the best price and shipping.
    Thanks for watching.

  11. I have had a problem with 2 engines now where the weights in the governor come out while the motor is running. The first engine it happened to was mine. One of the weights jammed itself in the timing gear for the crank and the cam and the motor stopped. Luckily no damage was done. The other motor however, had a hole blown in the side of it but still ran perfect afterwards. Have you ever had this happen? If so, why?

  12. This situation is exactly how I got into small engine repair. My Ariens snow thrower with a Tecumseh 7HP engine had that happen. I was about ready to replace the whole engine when I decided to open it up. The governor weights were laying in the bottom of the engine. I ordered a new governor gear and crankcase gasket. With shipping included, it was a $23 repair. All is well now. I don't know why it happened – but I can tell you that the engine was 31 years old. It's been fine ever since.

  13. Its terrible when it happens. My uncle had a Mowzall mower or something like that with a 4hp briggs on it. The weights came out but he said he didn't hear anything. Said it was cutting like crazy and ran great but he noticed oil all over the place so he shut it off and found the hole in the block. I have that motor now. Ill probably just patch the hole and put it back together again.

  14. It happened to me when I was using the snow thrower. Just as I finished up the driveway, the engine suddenly started racing badly. I shut it down immediately to avoid damaging the engine because I knew something was wrong. I didn't know much about engines back then but I did know that there was a governor for a reason.

  15. I always go ahead and remove the governor from all of my Briggs and strattons now. I never really get old ones that are actually on the machine they were built for so i tend to save them for mini bikes and whatnot. i always keep the governor parts but i leave them out of the motors. I dont trust em' 😀

  16. If there is no governor in the engine, you could be inviting other problems. I had to rebuild a rototiller engine that had the governor removed/bypassed. The lack of a governor caused the engine to run at a much higher RPM and one of the valve spring retainers broke. The owner gave the rototiller away (thinking it was junk) and I inherited it. I had to tear the engine apart to find the problem. One little $2.00 part! See my Troy-bilt Versatiller video – that's the one.

  17. thx for this video, I got a troy bilt tiller with a Briggs and stration 5hp motor. and didn't know anything about it, got it for free. carb, gas tank, linkage and head and pull cord cover were in a box next to it. I can only hope all the parts are there, don't know why its all apart but did see a bad gasket under the carb, I tried looking for a kit for it on ebay like you had mentioned but I didn't have any success. I might go to autozone and get a gasket sheet and make one, just so I can get it to geather and see if it works, I also think is has sat out side like this for a few rain storms, and think I should check the contacts before assembly. iv seen all your videos for far and I thank you for them.

  18. I have the same motor 130202-0140-01 that is on a Magna TillSmith Tiller. Two things, I lapped the valve. I haven't been through all your videos so I'm not sure what the valve gap should be. Also If ANYONE has a parts list for the Tiller. I believe the model is 509809. The motor was manufactured in 1974 and the tiller is a front tine.

  19. Hi! Ive got 130232 from 1975 and i put it to my homemade mini bike ? How do you clean this engine for painting? Greetings from Poland!

  20. Today I was working blowing the leaves with one of these engines. While I was working the engine started making a kranking and cracking noise as if someone threw a rock in the gears. I opened up the fan part of the blower, but there was no rock in it, but it was still making that loud noise. Does anyone know what it could be?? Thanks

  21. great video , i wondered if you could help me, do you know what the factory setting is for the carb please, as i think the previous owner has messed about with mine and when i got it running it was bogging down, so i just wanted it to back to factory setting and start again if i have to alter it to get it to run sweet . if you can help it would be great , thanks in advance

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