Briggs and Stratton 5HP – Carburetor Linkage Setup – 130212

Briggs and Stratton 5HP Horizontal Shaft Engine
Model 130212
Type 4023-01
Code 90120407

I found the spring at my local small engine repair shop. There have been some OEM parts that were discontinued and replaced with new numbers. I believe the new part number is Briggs and Stratton #691845. The online diagrams usually have it as number #209.

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45 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 5HP – Carburetor Linkage Setup – 130212

  1. THANX!!!! I am down here in Mexico helping out a friend. It has been sooooo long since i put one of these together I had probs with the linkage. I grew up in Iowa, and in out family group you had to know how to fix everything. You saved meh arse..:) Pax et Lux..Ack

  2. do you have any videos on Tecumseh h35 engines? like how to remove the keyway on the camshaft so I can see where to set the timing???

  3. I have the exact same carburetor and I need to get a rebuild kit.
    Are you able to tell me what is the exact model /code of this particular carb and where am I likely to be able to order a rebuild kit online.

  4. I have a B and S motor that is like this one but I don't have the governor spring. I tried to look it up with your model number but all I can find is a long linkage spring. I was wondering if you know the part number to your governor spring or if you could measure yours so maybe I could find one like yours. My model and type number on my motor is gone. Your spring is all I have to go by. I know it has to have the long hook on one side like yours because I cant use one of the short springs. Any help will be appreciated.

  5. Should the governor arm have any resistance to it when moving it up or down as you do around 50 seconds? Or should it move up and down freely and fall just due to gravity?


  6. awesome video, I have the little spring that connects the throttle arm piece on the bottom to the governor arm on as you do, but it's pulling the carburetor to full throttle. Any idea of what I need to do?

  7. Absolutely perfect.  Thank you for taking the time to do a professional and well thought out production. EXACTLY what I needed.

  8. Perfect video for this task. Just what I needed after tearing the carburetor of. I figured there had to be someone who figured this out. Thank you.

  9. well done! Saved my bacon due the sudden fog that rolled in as I disassembled  and made the parts look like something out of Roswell.  Thanks!

  10. Thank you for doing this video.  I took pictures of the top linkage but didn't take any of the bottom and had no idea of how to hook them back up.  Your video showed me exactly what I needed to know.

  11. WITH THE carburetor in full, speed position the governor should be in full speed also. Otherwise the engine when not under load will hunt- speed will go up and down because they are not set correctly

  12. do you happen to know how much to torque the valve cover on a 5 hp?
    I'll get to the carb after that is done.

  13. thank you very much. your video answered my question in minutes after searching for hours on the web with no resolve only getting the run around as we older folks say. Thanks again very much

  14. I have just tested the engine under load and now it's running perfectly, the linkages were causing me problems I followed your instructions they were very clear and easy to follow, again thank you very much keep up the good work, Cheers.

  15. Thanks for a good tutorial on this engine. I'd still be fumbling around with the linkage without this help.

  16. Awesome video. Exactly what I was looking for. But I have one of these on a generator and it has a 5" long,real fine spring around the linkage that goes from the governor arm to the carb throttle link. I can't find anyone that know where that little spring goes. Thanks.

  17. Very useful video. Two questions if I may. I have tiller with a B&S 5HP mdl.130202 type 0140. I bought the tiller new in '74 but needs a little TLC. While the carb on this engine is slightly different than yours it bolts to the engine block the same way; 2 bolts with cross hatch slots in the head. The top mounting bolt is easy to access and tighten with a flat screw driver but the bottom one must need a special tool to tighten it? The clearance between the carb body and bolt head is too close for an open end or box end wrench. How did you tighten the bottom bolt? Thank you.

  18. I just pickd up a mini bike with one of these engines in it. Any ideas on how to get more power out of it? The bike barely gets out of its own way =[

  19. This is the most useful video as I was but confused about the actual working of Pulse Carb of my B.S. 5hp engine fitted on Eurosystems Euro 5 rototiller which I restored recently here in India.
    Thanks sblg43 ?

  20. I have the same motor. I am trying to find the screws that hold the choke and throttle bracket. having a hard time finding them on a engine diagram

  21. So I have absolutely no idea where that shut off wire hooks up to. Took it apart 8 months ago. Throttle and shut off are on one leaver on remote mount on tiller handles.

  22. Hi sblg43, Please help!  I just bought a nice looking used Troy Bilt Junior tiller that would not run and it has that exact motor. The carb bolts had worked loose from the cylinder and cracked the lower bolt ear so the carb throat was not sealed. No big deal with the crack, sealed it with RTV cleaned and lubed everything, bolted everything back up tight, changed the oil and filter. Linkage is hooked up just like you showed. It started and ran on the (first pull) perfectly.. except that the governor is not working. It wants to "run away". I did not let it over speed by manually controlling the governor arm. Gone over and over it with no luck. I am lost. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thank You.

  23. Also: when I changed the oil there was enough, but not a lot in it. After draining it I assumed it fills to the top of the oil fill plug hole as it has no dip stick. If it is to much oil, could that prevent the governor from working? I'm (of course) wondering if the  governor could be adjusted, but considering it is (doing nothing at all) makes me wonder if it is just bad. Ooh.. I do hope not.

  24. Great video. Thank you so much! Governor adjustment has it running now (I actually tilled some with it yesterday) but I can tell it's running a little slow at full throttle. Seems like it's at 70% rev.. almost to much governor now. I know it should be at 3600 rpm but I don't have a tach to tell exactly. I'm wondering if I should replace the governor spring or attempt another very small governor adjustment. Is there a high speed adjustment on a 130212?

  25. Great video, I have the same engine with the same speed and choke control. But my problem is there is a second wire (its in the video) coming from the same area as the kill wire. I think it connect somewhere down near the governor arm. I disconnected it when I took off the tank and carburetor but forgot where it connects

  26. i have the same engine but my doesn't have a choke/throttle panel plus for the choke you pull out a cylinder on the carb but thats not the problem it wont stat idle i litterly have to hold the governor by the muffler still any help would be appreciated

  27. Thank you. I could not remember where all the two links to the governor went, and your video cleared it all up. Relly appreciate your work in making a highly insructuional video. My 5hp is identical, right down to the decal on the throttle and choke lever assembly.

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