20 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 5HP Engine Starter Clutch Repair

  1. Ok, I'm in need of some help please. I have a 5hp briggs also with that starter clutch. Moves freely when turning counterclockwise. Doesn't when try to turn clockwise. Here is my problem. Something is sticking when I pull my rope where I cant even pull the rope. I'm able to move my flywheel by hand. What could be the issue?

  2. I wheeled a 4 HP Briggs & Stratton lawnmower home last night which has the same horizontal pull starter on it,it was my old neighbours mower which he just let sit in the rain & our new neighbours put out out for council collection.

    I believe that sprag assembly may be seized onto the shaft so I am going to pull that apart after I fix 2 other mowers up,so that one is the last one which is on the list.

    The motor got full of water but it has evaporated,the spark plug was all rusted up as well.
    I filled the cylinder up with oil so I managed to free it up a little bit but I think that sprag is seized,at least partially.

  3. Ahh! i see my problem now. LOL I have only 3 bearings in there. some one previously must have messed around and lost two of them. this thing is making me crazy, only starts when I bang on it and sometimes not even then. so irritating. I hate to get rid of it and get a new one because it's 47 years old. wonder where you buy the bearings?

  4. No you're not supposed to use grease you're supposed to use atf or a really light oil and and you don't really need that cross hatching the only reason it's done in the cylinder is the help the rings seat in and smooth on smooth does in fact lubricate. Just thought i'd throw that out there

  5. I was thinking I'd have to replace the clutch, and as you mentioned, someone 
    put grease inside and the steel bearings were rusty and the grease was hard as rock.  The bearings weren't even moving and the pull was slipping.  Thanks for 
    your video and saving me some money, cheers to you Sir.

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