Briggs and Stratton 5HP – Governor Adjustment – Model 135202

Governing: While some people think that a governor on an engine is to prevent overspeeding, (that was me, guilty as charged) the real purpose in the small engine field is to maintain a desired speed regardless of load. With a fixed throttle position, the engine could speed up if the load was lightened; if the load is increased the engine would slow down or even stop. (this is a quote from a Briggs and Stratton repair manual)

This video DOES NOT demonstrate the procedure to set the correct FIXED THROTTLE POSITION of the carburetor. It DOES demonstrate how to position the governor arm to a carburetor that is already in the correct FIXED THROTTLE POSITION.

This particular engine will be mounted on a rototiller and will be placed under load on a regular basis. A governor is necessary and should not be removed.

Model 135202
Type 0175-01
Serial 92091407



34 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 5HP – Governor Adjustment – Model 135202

  1. I adjusted my governor as in your vid. and now idles @4100. I don't let it run there but how do I get it back down to where it was" just trial and error?

  2. How does anyone know how fast these engines are going?
    As far a Briggs & Stratton I have a Pneumatic governed 3 HP (1979) a Mechanical Governed 4 HP (1979) and a 5 HP Mechanical Governed (1992), and a 6 HP push mower.
    I also have a Tecumseh 5 HP.
    None of them have a tachometer.

  3. There is a handy tool called a "Treysit Sirometer". In essence, it acts like a tachometer. I can't explain in this short message how to use it, but you can get it off the internet in a lot of places.

  4. I've never worked on a 5HP B&S engine before. Bought a used rototiller that wouldn't start. Cleaned up the carburetor and got it started but it's loud and appears to be vibrating a lot. Oil is full and looks clean.  Not sure if it's normal.

    Adjusted the governor according to your video but didn't make a difference.  Anything else to look at?  Thanks for the videos!


  5. hello    how low could the govenor rpm be set  //  1800 rpm  //  1200 rpm  //  900 rpm  //  yes these are all ac 60 cycle prime mover generator rpm  //  thanks frank

  6. I have a tiller with a Briggs stratton model 1263120580b8 engine. On it the governor spring pushes and keeps the throttle in the wide open position and I'm assuming that once the engine starts the governor is supposed to adjust the throttle down, but that's not happening. On the engine in your video, the governor moves in the clockwise position when you move the throttle to the wide open position, but on my engine the governor moves in the counter clockwise position when the throttle moves to wide open. So I'm not sure how to turn the governor shaft, shouldn't I turn it counter clockwise till it stops. Is this normal for the governor to move counter clockwise?

  7. Great Video.I've been messing with a similar motor 135202 and is missing the part where the throttle cable ties into the screw on your motor under the tank. I have the black square and the guy i bought the motor from had a screw into it with the with a cable and spring attached to it. Have you ever had to purchase that and if you had a part number. I cant find anything online but you. Glad to made this video. Thanks. joe

  8. That's just what I needed to know!
    This youtube thing is making geniuses out of all us idiots because technically, we are just sucking knowledge out of thin air!

  9. Great videos. This is the second I have seen. Short, concise and easy to see the basic detail, these videos provide real value and dispel my ignorant preconceptions. Thank you and please, make more!

  10. thanks for the video they are very good. I must point out for a briggs quantum vertical shaft. The Governor shaft must be turned anti clockwise. orherwise the engine will over rev.

  11. Solid video. Any idea where I can find the manual for this engine? Bought a go kart for my son with this motor in it that isn't running.

  12. try ON TO THE RIGHT AND OFF TO THE LEFT and reverse this if working upside down. the righty tighty is not working for you.. lol.. good vid

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