Briggs and Stratton 6.5 HP Quantum diagnostic

Diagnosing a briggs engine on a craftsman 22 inch mower. Good machine overall. There is a part 2, the repair is actually quite simple.


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10 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 6.5 HP Quantum diagnostic

  1. @camacho7272 Well like i said in my other comment. Do you have spark from the plug? Also how is your compression, the engine should have some resistance when you pull the rope, if it is too easy to pull then you have no compression so engine wont start. Also make sure that the blade brake is working when you pull the handle.

  2. @camacho7272 That could be the problem. The O ring has to be there. Without the O ring the engine loses a lot of suction and it cant take in the gas and air mixture very well, plus you will have too much air and less gas in the mix. Get that O ring checked out and back in there.

  3. @camacho7272 Spray some starting fluid or gasoline in the intake manifold with the air filter off. Pull a few times, if it fire a bit and tries to run then your priming system has issues. how is the gasket between the carburetor and air manifold, does it have holes or tears.

  4. @camacho7272 make sure that O ring and gasket are both in good shape and air tight. One you get that taken care of let me know how it goes.

  5. you are correct sir! I could never confirm if the engine smoked or not, owner claimed it did, but I am sure it ran badly with that cracked tube, and the smoke probably came from the gum/crap stuck to the muffler. Thanks!

  6. I have a 6.5hp Briggs. It starts after about 6-7 pulls and runs fine after that. I rebuilt carb and replaced all gaskets/needle/valve seat etc… The previous owner replaced the primer bulb. The primer doesn't feel like its doing anything…do you think there is a leak somewhere in the primer system? Should the primer feel like it is pumping fuel or just air? Just feels like air to me.

  7. mine will start but only run for a few second. i put new gas and the plug has spark. dont have a compression tester but it does have some? any suggestions?

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