15 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton 7hp Engine Rebuild from Start to Finish

  1. Ok. So I used the puller and got the blade adapter off. Now, do I remove the key in the crankshaft so I can remove the crankcase or the seal where the crankshaft goes through the case?

  2. I note a couple of things since I have rebuilt some small engines as well. First, the coil has electronic module so points and condenser is inop, second the cap on the starter clutch should be removed to clean and lubricate, third this engine doesn't have a cast iron sleeve meaning the cylinder is coated in teflon for wear protection, once you hone those walls that teflon is gone which greatly reduces the life of the engine, the piston was scared and were the rings replaced.

  3. Oh man! I didnt see you use much assembly lube before putting that piston back in. itll be fine but it sounded like it was dragging a lil bit when you were rotating that crank… Im sure once it was filled with oil it was fine… just wanted to point that out mate

  4. Did you oil the foam air filter before test running it? I've been working on B&S engines since I was old enough to read a service manual and hold wrench. Except for a select few newer engines and foam pre cleaners, the foam filters must be oiled with engine oil prior to use, excess wrung out of course. I'm sure you know this already so this may help guide someone else.

    Thanks for the very informative videos. I recently discovered your channel and have been enjoying watching them. Please keep them coming.

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