7 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton B&S Carburetor Linkage Horizontal Cast Iron Engines.

  1. I have the same engine just in 16 hp that i am working on… can I just use a couple of universal springs on the linkages? I really hate to spend $16 on two springs!!!!

  2. I just wrote my problem in rebuilding my B&S lawn mower engine (12 HP). Before the rebuild, the engine hunted and surges at low and high speed. It will mow for 5 minutes then stall. It will restart and run for another 5 minutes. I then rebuilt the carburetor according to kit instruction. Now fuel is coming out from the muffler when cranking the engine. What did I do wrong. Thanks.

  3. @oney135 Could be as simple as replacing the rings bro. I've had a few like that where everything else was fine but they drank oil almost as fast as the gas they used. Replaced just the rings and honed the cylinder with a simple hone and hand drill. After the rings seated (about 25 hours of run time) they settled in and the engine stopped smoking at all. PM me if you need help with replacing the rings and I can try to talk you through the process. Later Bro!

  4. @timothycor123 I tell ya…..you've either got a good one or a bad one!! lol. There are two things I dislike about their design, but if they're kept up, neither will cause an issue. First is the flimsy flywheel locating tab and the other is the lack of real bearings on the crank shaft journals. Other than that!! They're awesome runners with plenty of HP for most jobs. Cheers!!!

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