17 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton B&S Sears and Roebuck 500 gas engine (WI)

  1. I can load anything on wheels in my truck as fast as I can get the item to the truck. I have a handy shallow spot in my yard that allows me to drive strait into the bed of the truck with ramps. I bought that tractor 3 years ago from a guys son. According to him it sat in a culvert for most of it's life due to a flat tire. The previous owners father, rather than towing it up to his road and fixing the blown tire, just went out and got another tractor.

  2. It's what all my starter ropes are made of. Too thin a rope can get caught in the screen or between the cup and flywheel. I pick a rope that I can wrap three or four times and not get caught anywhere.

  3. Hey there Bebo! ……..Look for a Briggs aluminum block 8hp. If you can't locate one of those then the 8hp Gold series in cast iron should fit, but it will be a slightly tighter fit. I had a Sears Custom 10xl with the tecumpseh……hated that engine…lol. If you use the Aluminum block you will need to put shims under the engine for everything to line up. With the Cast Iron it should be pretty close. Remember, later models will have the starter attached and could cause clearance problems.

  4. he zippo, i have an old sears custom 7 tractor. it currently has the 7 hp tecumseh on it, but i would rather have a briggs. do you know of a briggs that would fit? b/c i cant find one that would clear the clutch. thanks, bebo.

  5. told you! ive now pulled apart a few of these little briggs! i love working on them!!! and i could see that your engine is set up exactly like my 1941 briggs wi. it has the exact same throttle setup!

  6. Well I'll be……there is was! I took the blower housing off and there was the vane governor! Just goes to show that you CAN teach an old dog eh 1944? I'm impressed! Thanks!

  7. it does have a vane governor. and you can put a throttle cable on it. my engine did not have a cable on it when i got it. behind the gas tank their should be a sliding braket which tensions the governor spring. the end of the throttle cable attaches to that braket, and the outside of the cable clamps in a small clamp you will see it is a round shape cut out with a small screw and washer to clamp the cable to the engine. this is a standard set up for most older briggs with this governor.

  8. It's got a stationary type throttle control instead of a governor vane type which is why I guessed it to be for stationary work. You may be right about the mower, but it would be a real pain to adjust the ground speed with this engines throttle set up. I'll try to remember to make a small video showing how the engine speed is adjusted.

  9. Thanks for the compliment! The previous owner "restored" it with laquer paint. Laquer paint and gasoline don't get along so I will be stripping it and repainting it in enamel. It's in really good shape cosmetically but it needs rings badly. It is a rebadged Briggs made for Sears and Roebuck as a stationary engine. I am not clear on its purpose but it's definately a WI. Thanks again for the kudos!!

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