Briggs and Stratton Carburetor Fuel Shut off solenoid information

Look below to get a cheap replacement part ↓ Here is a quick look at the infamous Briggs and Stratton carburetor fuel shut off solenoid particularly on the Briggs and stratton engine, but also the kohler, kawasaki and probably others.

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13 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Carburetor Fuel Shut off solenoid information

  1. They last only about 2 yrs Then it want run and have to replace the carburetor solenoid> You can super glue it open! but fuel will leak in the engine. can put a shut off valve on the hose, to shut the fuel off every time you stop it. turn it on to start it. Pray you can get the old one to work. Spend 3 dollar for a valve , or 25 dollars for a new shut off carburetor solenoid. Your choice

  2. There use to stop the engine from back firing when you start it up after shutting it off , take it off and buy the small plug thats made to take it place ..

  3. Thanks for the explanation.  My problem, and its giving me fits, is that the electrical connection between the ignition and the solenoid on my older Ariens tractor  is loose and the solenoid kicks on and off as I mow my lawn, shutting down my mower.  I have replaced the carb and now am looking for a better way to connect the ignition wire to the solenoid, like maybe a screw connection that won't vibrate free?

  4. Would that be the problem with my 22 horse Husqvarna Briggs & Stratton when I park it and say like the next day I started and gas sprays out the exhaust would it be the fuel solenoid sticking or staying open

  5. That solonoid can cause a lot of problems,after long time trouble I finally cut the plunger off and disconnected the wire. No more fuel problems,just a little back fire when I turn it off sometimes,no big deal. Also I don't care what some say I've been mowing 7 acres with a 17.5 hp Briggs for 15 yrs and that engine still runs great,and the Nikki carb is not as much a problem as some claims. Just my 2 cents👺

  6. Thank you! We'd rebuilt the carburetor, new plug, new coil, but it was still shutting off randomly! Thanks to this video, I pulled this solenoid and realized it was shutting when it was supposed to be opening! Pulled it, cut off the rubber stopper and reinstalled it, and now it works again!

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