1. I used this video as a guide as I never touched one of these carbs.  Pretty solid walkthrough.  I was expecting to use the entire rebuild kit, not just a few pieces.  The hardest part was getting the seat out.  I used a few different wood screws and finally found one that was just right.  Mower starts a lot easier now and doesn't shoot oil/fuel everywhere.  Thanks!

  2. Hi Jeremy.  I have the same carb on the same engine but after I do the carb overhaul it still leaks gas into the manifold.  Now one BIG difference with you carb in the video and mine is the whole seat assembly on mine is plastic.  No seat ring no nothing!  At first it leaked gas into the oil.  Fixed that by fixing the seat.  It was drooping down. Used a blow dryer to soften up the plastic and gently fixed the arm.  But still, how can I fix this leak if the whole assembly is plastic.  Frustrate Tony.  Thanks for a great video.

  3. Good video. I have been have fits with a B&S engine, model # 283H07-0399-E1 with a Nikki carb. The crankcase keeps flooding. I have replaced the float, float pin, needle, bowl, and bowl gasket yet the throttle body continues to fill up. There isn't a seat for the needle to sit in so that's something I couldn't replace. The carb has been cleaned, recleaned, and then recleaned again about two more times. I have also tested the fuel solenoid and it is working as it should be. I pulled the air filter and air intake pipe off today and opened the in-line fuel valve (I put one in along with new fuel lines) and found that gas is pouring out of the atmospheric vent on the carb. Can you recommend something I can check? Think maybe I bought a faulty needle?

    Thanks again for your help.

  4. I have a lawnmower that has a flooded engine and I replaced the seat and needle.  It also has an automatic choke.  Why would that be happening?

  5. who actually uses all of the rebuilding kit parts to rebuild these and when do you really need to? what about the linkage etc. If the carb is THAT worn out, it should be replaced right?

  6. I ordered a new carb (and a 12hp rebuild kit) from amazon that's identical, but the new carb is basically for a 17 hp engine not a 12hp. Can I just swap a few parts over or use the identical main jet? I have the rebuild kit and can send the new carb back if I don't use it.. I hope. The carb was cheaper most likely because it was returned. The kit has about three main jets and two sets of needle and seat. Obviously, the different seats was explained here already, but what about the three main jets? I 'd assumed at first it was only the shut off solenoid was the main difference and would remove or disable, even wire it in.. There just isn't enough information on line except simply NOT to. Guess I'll be making some comparisons if I can't get the kit to work with my old one.

  7. It would have been nice if you had videoed getting the carburetor off of the engine. Can you do that? I haven't the slightest idea how. THanks.

  8. Hey Jeremy, It's nice to see you helping all us back yard mechanics! My daughters 22 horse B+S Intec engine has several issues. I got it to run with new Battery. Now the Fuel system seems to be part the problem. Engine won't rev up just idles, runs rough and it back fired last time I shut it down. I pull the throttle back and forth still just idles and choke doesn't change because it's not working either? How is this linkage supposed to work? I have carb apart and will get repair kit, but all is looking good inside? I have yet to force air in passages. Thanks for any help. Ron B.

  9. I have this problem! i found gas in my oil. carb is in my lap, while watching your helpful Video. Do you think you could show us the proper way of take off the linkage and reinstall, cause mine came off one end and Damit i didnt see wich way it was.

  10. Like Jeremy texted in the video. Install a paper fuel filter, fuel shut off valve and NO ethanol fuel. And change that nasty filthy dirty assed oil. Only takes a whopping 1.5 quarts for a rider and 18-20 oz for a pushy.

  11. Quick question whats that lil do dad at the bottom of the carb with the wire connector? a buddy of mine has a 12.5 pull behind mower.. strted pouring gas out like no tomorrow… but im curious about the lil part because his has no wire connected to it and no wire to be found to connect to it..

  12. Jeremy I'm in a carb mess I own a Dixon 4515b 2000 and it has the same carb as this vid has in it when I park my mower on a small incline and turn it off for a few minutes for a water break I come back try to crank it and all it does is flood cause the engine wont fire. what is causing it.Briggs and Stratton Engine vanguard 15.5 HP 28q777-0536-e1 walbro carb

  13. Hey man i got a question.i got a 92 murray 17 hp when i'm mowing i gotta work the choke back to close before it will stay running especially if the grass is a little high do you know what could cause this problem? thanks

  14. mower medic I'm having a issue similar to this video my Murray 12.5 Briggs it's shooting gas by the Grove out of the exhaust and it will not start due to this issue. do I need to replace the carb or rebuild it.

  15. I have on on a snapper it's A Nikki and it bench tests fine the minute I mount it on the engine it floods the crankcase I am beyond agrivated I have rebuilt it twice with all new parts including float and plastic float holder that snaps into the carburetor any ideas or replace it

  16. I have an older craftsman b&s electronic ignition rototiller the red cord that is screwed into by gas tank what does it connect to?

  17. Thanks. I just replaced float valve and seat. And ran the mower for an hour and checked the oil….smelled gas again. Ugh. Then I found your video. I noticed when I replaced the seat that the orifice in the new one was larger than the old one. I just assumed it was the replacement part. I have a fuel pump.
    I am hoping this is the problem. Other seat, with smaller orifice will arrive soon. You are the only person I have found who has addressed the orifice size in relation to gravity feed or pump. Very useful info.

  18. Such a great video. My B&S engine spits black oil out the exhaust and won't stay running. Working on the valves now and have a new gasket set on the way. Gonna look into the needle and seat as well. Thank you.

  19. Hello sir,

    I have a Briggs on my generator and my issue is gas is running out of the carb after starting and it died.
    So, i turned the gas off at the line and waited a while before starting again, now i have it on level ground it started but now it stuttering as if it wants to shut off.

    Now when i turn the gas supply line off to the carb while it's running and it runs great…… I'm scratching my head over here. Can you assist in any way.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. like we have thin snap-on wrenches just lying around… some of us aren't made of money to just have crazy expensive tools like that… i guess i got to grind a good wrench now…

  21. I have a problem with scooter carb…when driven ..gas is spraying from back of carb airfilter is soaked in gas ..what can this be ? Its a 2stroke bdw

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