27 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton carburetor repair

  1. Hey Murray Mayhem, i've watched both of your videos on rebuilding this carb now. I've got a 17 HP version of this motor in your vid that I just got running after 5 years of sitting. I pretty much rebuilt my carb today, made sure the jets flow, cleaned the bowl and all as well as ripping the intake and heads off to get rid of almost all of the carbon. Problem i'm having is that the motor won't run with less than half choke and the carb and intake become very cold and start condensating. This is the same problem I was having before I did anything. I'm not sure if you've come across this before, but I could use some insight. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for your videos. My ride-on mower (MTD yard machine with 18.5 HP B&S twin) was playing up. Never serviced a carb before. Your video gave me the knowledge and confidence to have a go. Problem solved. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Joe I have 18 hours Briggs & Stratton got it blowing snow I had it running.
    I ran out of gas. Put holds gas filter it still wouldn't run. So I ordered a new carburetor kit
    I clean carburetor out and put on new gaskets and needle.
    But it turned over really good. What should I look for. Briggs & Stratton when I got it one sideshow was missing so I don't have model number but I took number from different more.

    Thank you

  4. This guy talks a lot but says little of substance. His claim to fame is that he is good with tools. Poor with video. Yep, talks a lot but says little.

  5. One thing i'd suggest would be naming this video differently, because someone who needs to know how to take a 18hp twin carb appart wont see this video when he searchs because its named andys carb. Maybe name it "Andy's Carb:18hp Opposed Briggs"? Just a suggestion!

  6. Have you looked into ethanol free gas? There is usually at least one station in town that sell it. It is awesome it costs about the same as premium but helps out small engines alot

  7. ha ha yep that would create a lot of feedback, the question is do you want any more feedback?

    1 man against all of us, frightned yet he he :-))

  8. I have a 19.5 I C platinum version of this engine very interested in the rebuild vid never had to crack mine open but that day will come soon enough!

  9. It almost sounds like its running out of fuel, perhaps the vaccume bit is dirty.

    I know you did the job, but its fun to guess what the fault was :-))

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