14 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Charging Circuit Repair

  1. My toro wheel horse 8-25 was running now my battery want stay charge i dont know how old is battery i can use it for awhile then it dies i have to boast it with my truck then its start again help me out please

  2. You did a GREAT job explaining how the charging system works. I'm sure this will help a lot of people like myself. Thanks.

  3. Thank you very much for your excellent video explanation. I followed your instructions on a kohler command 16 HP not charging and narrowed it down to no ground at the rectifier. Added a ground wire from battery to rectifier and system charging at 14.7 volts. 15minutes and 2 foot of wire to fix at ZERO cost.

  4. Remember the days of the mechanical voltage regulator. Got out your jewelry file & cleaned the contacts, just like in the ignition points.

  5. 20 yrs ago when Briggs and Stratton were made in the USA this never happened. Now that everything is made in China and Mexico , nothing last's more than a couple of years. Thanks Briggs and Stratton for outsourcing your no good products !

  6. A obvious way on some of the regulators when they go bad it puffs out the epoxy resin over the electronics . I see this many times

  7. Far Out! thanks for Video, Im checking this stuff now on JD Briggs and Troybuilt that won't kick over. I also found a guy that said he found a voltage drop across his 20 amp fuse on the JD Zturn mower. The Voltage drop was significant, he claimed the fuse box was very cheaply made and replaced with a more decent one and fixed his battery drain problem. IM not surprised how cheaper manufacturing is creating up in everything from JD, Milwaukee tools, Dewalt, testers, metal, ladders, as China is buying all of these businesses and tweaking fabrication/manufacturing.

  8. my voltage regulator has a burnt spot in the center and I'm going to cut the leads off for using as test leads and alligator clips, since my hands shake too much to do the AC test here. I bought this set and think it was worth the price, but might not plug into some brands. From what I've read, the best leads will use silicone coated wires for cold temperatures and remain soft. These most likely AREN'T.

    thought this would be useful but doesn't show color pictures: http://www.smallenginesuppliers.com/html/engine-specs/briggs/briggswiringexplanation.pdf

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