22 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Coil Magneto Magnetron comparisons explained

  1. Briggs ss Magnetrons + old Briggs magneto coil have different magnetic air flux gap on laminations. Why is this in theory, and how is timing changed by this, Can coil of different width gap be used to change timing on Briggs engine?

  2. Great Video, you are the only person to explain this.
    I have a 3 hp with a December 1970 date code, it uses the 2 legged coil with no pickup., not the 23D. Briggs And Stratton says the flywheel must be re-polarized.
    I think you are saying that if the engine uses the points system, the coil you show with the "Button" should work. Is that Correct?

  3. I found the correct manual finally and there are 3 different mags listed… I wish Briggs parts had part#'s on the part.

  4. question: i have a 3hp B&S and and i have no spark, one wire goes from the coil to the points, one to the sparkplug but i dont know where the third wire has to go.

  5. No spark in a Briggs & Stratton Model 243431 0123 Type 01 CC: 67100 61, in an Allis-Chalmers B-110 garden tractor. Can I convert that motor model to solid-state ignition? Would I need to get the flywheel re-polarized?

  6. What is the part number on the magnet magnetron for an older engine with the older flywheel – without having it go into the shop to have the magnet reversed

  7. hey my good man. Jim here so ? question for you so what are the other wires off the back of my coil for you know the for that go into a screw bolts it's just a kill-switch on the singer things to 3.0 Briggs & Stratton horizontal what are the other ones for alright thank you like your video by Jim here peace

  8. one more. ? I'm going to try put up two photos. one is coil an showes wires an other. u no it but ? see the lines on surface how some areas appear to be resrceded or groved is this a issue buy touch it's. not hudge but there there ok. so let me no

  9. Hi, Zippo… I hope you see this as your video is over 2 years old……. I am trying to reinvent the wheel and become a small engine mechanic at 65 and fix my 1980 B&S engine. I put a new magneto on the troy-bilt rototiller, converting it from points and condenser. I got the part from a reputable dealer that fixes small engines I took out that little bar thingy and put the plug in. Used a business card to gap the new mag, cut the extra wire off and used the correct one to go to the shut off connection. Put back on the fin "shield" that was to the left side of the old condenser. put every thing else back together.. fly wheel, cover ETC. STILL NO SPARK. New spark plug already also.. Then on top of that I bought a new carb because I thought that was another problem and the stinking thing leaks, over flowing out the bottom bolt hole. I reset the long needle so it "squeeks" and the slot where the end of the screw driver goes got messed up because of course I did not have the right sized screw driver to span the whole width of the slot . I don"t know if the slot needs to be unmarred or not. The second pointed needle still can screw in without a problem. And the carb still leaks!!!!!!!!!!! after I reset the long needle. Any suggestions on my 2 problems. 1: no spark. 2: still leaking carb.

  10. WHERE is the internal schem of this igtinion modules?? Is it include capacitor inside or its only Darlington?

  11. need help me find my engine model and type 3 hp briggs horizial for crafsman edger
    jeraldspath8@gmail.com have cover off and looks like coil is inside of flywheel and not easy to get to – would have to pull flywheel ?? dont want to buy a coil without knowing what to purchase and price> thanks

  12. I can not find an engine number on this craftsman gas 4 cyle 3 hp engine looked and looked using Briggs site and Craftsman site –

  13. i saw older man use a flash light battery to test these coils , I tried it and it worked great! everybody should use this test method, I used a 9 volt Battery from a smoke alarm

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