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  1. Hi Dan I need your help ! I have a brand new ( Troy-Bilt TB30 R Neighborhood Rider 30" Riding Mower – 420cc ) My son lifted it up from the front to clean the deck out  and gas spilled out over the air cleaner ( I fixed that ) the engine won't start and there is oil in the cylinder ! I tried cranking the engine over with the spark plug out and the oil just keeps coming out !  Briggs and Stratton looks like the one in this video but mine is 10.5 HP

  2. Hey first off, thanks for the video tutorial!
    I picked up a Briggs 13.5 OHV that has Zero compression ( I don't own a leak down tester ) before I pull the head, do you think this is my problem?
    Valve lash: .005, push rods not bent,
    Have you ever had to lap the valves in these things?
    Thanks again.

  3. That's exactly what I did.
    Pulled the head, found a cracked piece of the compression ring welded to the top of the piston ( didn't expect that ).
    Rebuilt the engine with a .020 over piston, it's a little hard to start due to the increased compression but runs like brand new.
    I would advise just having the cylinder re-sleeved and going back with a std. size piston to avoid compression lock, the starter is not designed to turn an engine with compression over what it was designed for .

  4. lots of people seem to want to jump on replacing starters or batteries when all they need is a simple valve adjustment. I have to say I have never peformed a valve adjustment but, I know just because it may start slow or sound like its dragging isn't always a starter or battery problem.

  5. Hey Dan. I changed my head gasket on my 2000 14.5 OHV Briggs and Stratton engine because it was smoking like crazy. As it turns out the gasket was broken. After the repair It started right away but only at high idle. When I lowered the idle speed it stalled right away so I drove it with the idle high. It ran for about a half hour then it started to backfireand and eventually stopped. I tried to start it the next day and it started right away. ( with the air filter off ) It would allow me to run the motor at low idle as well but was backfiring through the carb big time. Could you tell the problem and how to fix it? Thanks. Deny

  6. My 20 horse intek engine after sitting the winter ran rough after start up then belched out big cloud of smoke then would not run. Would a blown head gasket stop engine from starting? Engine cranks with key but just makes a metal like rattle sound! Any ideas?

  7. I'm working on the same motor and tractor and the same gasket issue, in the same place. Easy fix, but that is really a poor design. Not enough metal and gasket to seal long term. Even the manual says that the gasket will need replacing every so often. So, this is now maintenance????

  8. Dan…Thanks so much for this video. It is well done and very helpful. I've worked on small engines for many years but it really helps to see a video that points you in the right direction. You've got a new subscriber here. Thanks again!

  9. Hi, I have a vtwin intek that started surging pretty bad lately. I checked my fuel flow which is good, put on new fuel filter, cleaned the carb and replaced some of the gaskets, check the sparked plugs and regapped the coil to .0010 (.008 to .012 recommended) and fresh gas but it's still surging. I've had valve noise (tapping) as well for quite some time as i really did not have the sense to adjust the valve's until last year ( still taps) plus my mom over filled with oil one time and smoke was blowing out the exhaust manifold lol. Lawn mower's getting up there in age (15 years old). I think i got some head gasket issue's as the spark plug threads were a little wet, although it does not smoke all that much. So i am gonna pull the heads and check the valves. Wonder if my piston rings are still good yet. You happen to know the compression psi for the intek v twin ? Maybe she needs a total rebuild lol……. Good vid

  10. Thanks for you video. really helped me diagnosis mine. same engine and same model tractor. Do you have a video on setting the valve lash? without a leak down tester, is there any other way to make or do a leak down test?

  11. You forgot to mention to resurface the cylinder head on a wide, flat belt sander or large diameter sanding disc to remove warpage and restore flatness, and to prevent another blown or leaking head gasket.

  12. man i just did a head gasket.firgured that would fix my carb from misfiring.but it turns on a lil better on full throttle then on half throttle it backfires then a huge loud spark and the engine stalls.any ideas?i rebuilt the carb 4 times.but not recently.

  13. What you are describing on the compression stroke with the momentary release is what is messed up on my machine. The compression is so high that the engine gets really tight and is hard to turn on the compression stroke. Thus making it hard to start. I will go back and adjust my valves again, but I swear I think they are dead on. Should it be a loose adjustment or tight? My range is .005-.007 on the exhaust and .003-.005 on the intake.

  14. hey Gary my 115 john deere had a similar situation took it apart and found the release switch on the camshaft came apart due to the plastic holding a little pin had melted

  15. Thanks for your head gasket replacement guide. It helped me doing the task. BTW. I went to our local lawnmoverstore for get a new head gasket. The old man said. If your head gasket is blown, you also have to get your cylinderhead planned. Else the head gasket change only will give you a few hours of happiness. I went home and checked my cylinderhead for warping with a steel ruler. It was warped as f***. So i went to the next big town and get my cal head planned. Got the engine assembled and valves adjusted. Everything runs smooth. Thanks to you and the old man at the lawnmovershop.

  16. i have same issue model number is unreadable same engine/tractor can you give me the part number for the head gasket/gasket kitset thxs

  17. Great work…I have a Kawasaki FS_541v and it's burning oil and when it's hot will backfire…I'm thinking it's a head gasket? Engine only has 400 hours on it

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