40 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Engine Disassembly Part 1 of 2

  1. Your intake valve is damaged, and is the the main reason for the lack of compression, your general knowledge is handy, but you are by no means a small engine mechanic, any mechanic could spot that bad valve a mile away… Thanks for sharing

  2. You're not going to get a compression reading like that. You need to turn the engine over quickly and steadily. You're not going to get that from an impact wrench and you came really close to ruining those crankshaft threads by running the nut down with an impact wrench without anything backing up the nut.  Your problem was with the valves. Not with the piston and rings. A compression test should be done with the rope starter if you're going to do a compression test. 

  3. thats no a gasket on the cover of the valves… it's a one way crank case ventilation. a little diaphragm 

  4. that metal sheet around block keeps the plastic carb and other plastics from melting. it is a heat shield. 

  5. i sure hope you don't call yourself a small engine mechanic. fred would be embarrassed to be even be associated with you. Dog shit poor tech. Yeah I know fred from back in he 90's yes I know him in person.

  6. So I just got this used tiller that was not cranking and tried to clean
    it myself. I am noobie to this and actually opened the engine. Trying to put screw it back shut but it wont shut all the way… Am I screwed?

  7. Were has that been the bottom of the Ocean???? bet you never had it run, you should take it too the scrap yard and find a nice engine…

  8. When you do a compression test you should be getting 50 psi the engine needs at least 50 psi to start.You are also probably getting blow by so check your Piston rings for wear or your valves or even the valve seats.

  9. Also you should clean the carbon off of your piston head and your fuel mixture is running too rich thats why the carbon is building up you should probably tinker with that

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