28 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Engine Disassembly Part 2 of 2

  1. Weil ich ein Mädchen bin….. hat er Angst, dass er schmutzige Finger bekommt? Ein richtiger Schrauber arbeitet ohne Handschuhe.

  2. Okay, so you're engine is the exact same as mine. I want to put all new gaskets in it when I put it all back together, but have no idea how to order the right kit. Any advice? Great video by the way. Really helped me out.

  3. Gracias por tu vídeo muy explícito aunque no entiendo el idioma me es muy útil ojalá pudieras hacer vídeo de máquina de cortar la yarda o sacarte y tuvieras un intérprete al español saludos desde México dios te bendiga

  4. Warning every one the cylinder head bolts have a pattern in which they are taken off and put back on when you reinstall the cylinder head the bolts must be installed in incriments with a torqe wrench. Must see the torqe specs to set them right. And for God's sake don't ever use power tools for uninstalling/installing the cylinder head. And last uninstalling the cylinder head bolts must be uninstalled in increments in the order of pattern specified by your model.

  5. I like your videos,very informative,but you need to work on your camera techniques,very often lose sight of what you are doing,I hope you can absorb criticism and please don't be offended,just trying to help improve your presentation 's,

  6. There's no third video to tell the viewers what the actual issue was! Don't know a lot about Lawn mower engines, car engines no problem. So in the end what was the issue with having no compression? If it was a ring issue I'd expect to find oil in the cylinder but there was none, valve seating could have been a slight issue but the cylinder is plugged with the compression tester so it should still read something more than what was showing on the gauge. I suspected a crack in the cylinder wall or that his compression tester was stuffed. Can someone tell me what the issue was because I'm learning how to rebuild these engines. Thanks

  7. How do you remove the case of the engine if it gets stuck when it is almost off but wolnt come all the way off, how do I get the case off, what am I doing wrong

  8. So I just got this used tiller that was not cranking and tried to clean
    it myself. I am noobie to this and actually opened the engine. Trying to
    put screw it back shut but it wont shut all the way… Am I screwed? Mine looks like urs at 5:13

  9. wait… how did you separate the two piece of the engine ? Did it just slide off? I had one today, and I managed to separate the two pieces as show in 4:30 .. but I couldn't take the parts any further. Luckily the engine was cracked, so I managed to get in and un-bolt the piston-clamp from the shaft.. then it slid off.. I think I missed something ?

  10. my mowers spitting oil from the exhaust/muffler when i try to start it but it wont start, any pointers/ ideas on how to fix it?

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