Briggs and Stratton Engine Rebuild Project

meant to say flywheel cover or shroud, i just called it flywheel, i always make little mistakes, lol. anyways i’ve had this engine for a long time, never had a carburetor for it, so it’s been sitting in my garage for several years, until last summer i tore it down to take a look at the cylinder wall and rod bearing / crank journal to see what all it needed. I do not know what model it is, i only know that it starts with 13 in the model number, the flywheel cover is off a another engine. i think it’s a 3.5 horse, it came off a mini bike. this will be made into a stroker with my other crankshaft, that i have in the video.



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  1. @hzaidi3 as long as the oil hole on the connecting rod is facing the camshaft it doesn't not matter how the piston is facing, there are at least 4 oil holes in the oil ring groove that allows oil to get the cylinder, the piston is the same all around, happy new year btw lol

  2. Hey.
    Do you know where i can get engine parts for those engines ? I have that engine and have broke the spark plug "srew track" on the top of the engine. And i dont know were to order new,or how to fix it…
    Any Solutions?
    Thx,Nive video

  3. @fatass355 i get alot of parts from either napa or pats small engine online. But the threads on the spark plug hole can be fixed. some people have used helicoils which are like springs, which seem to work good as long as loctite is used. or you can have it welded then drill and retap the threads, and sometimes if you just use a tap and just "clean" the threads it will be as good as new, try that first.Then if all else fails just get a new head. a machine/weld shop will be able to fix it for you.

  4. @LpGxSnakes69 yeah. i figured out this definitely a 5 horse model 13. just had me puzzled because its slightly shorter stroke then another 5 horse i have. thanks for watching

  5. Guessing, I would say it is a model 13, 5 horse Briggs.
    It is possible that one of the cranks os from a model 10, 4 horse.
    The rod and pistons are different between the 2 engines, and won't interchange due to a different piston pin size 🙁
    The cylinder head from a model 10 will fit a model 13, and increase compression, since the bolt hole pattern is the same. Did you need a better crankcase cover, I may have one kicking around Due to my Briggs Overstock!

  6. @ChargerMiles007 i'm pretty sure thats what it is, just got me thinking because of the shorter stroke. yeah thats just like the model 25 head will boost compression on a 28. i have 2 covers, but both of them need some work, check out my 5 horse briggs restoration project part 1, i don't know how i'm gona fix it. this one i can just alumiweld a plate over it. but yeah if you got one for a good price i'd consider it. pm me

  7. I have a 2 HP that looks very similar to this. Could you tell me how to get the crank part with the "fan" off? (the one you have is painted red). I can't get to the magneto wires that are going into the motor.

  8. @snoozlefroose its called a flywheel. ok there are a couple of methods, on these you have to pry up from between the block and wheel (not to much or you will crack the block) and loosen the starter clutch, then take a brass hammer (regular hammer with mash shaft) then hit it while prying and after a few wacks it should come off. if not you may have to use a puller. on the big engines i use a puller that uses 2 bolts to pry up, with a impact wrench. hope this helps, if not message me….

  9. I am going to be rebuilding an old craftsmen push mower engine. I have no idea what horse it is and i will end up replacing a lot of the parts in know that for a fact. I do know it has to be somewhere from 1988-1998, and the motor has to be blown up because i haven't taken it apart yet and i see big medal shavings coming out of what was left of the oil that was in it.

  10. @dukes20084 i hear ya. sounds like a fun project haha hope it is fixable. sometimes if it throws a rod it will hit the camshaft and either bend it, break it or bust out the cam bearings. seen taht happen a lot. thanks for watching

  11. @mrwiggles2 yeah i don't care much for them haha there good as long as they work! haha appreciate it, i try to add a new video every other week, or every week. just depends whats goin on haha thanks for watching

  12. I have a go-kart with a 5 HP Tecumseh engine and the crankshaft is a 3/4 inch. A 5 HP Briggs would probably have the same size crankshaft. I'm going to start rebuilding engines!!! Great video!!!

  13. @skidoo99ful1 camshaft or crankshaft, because when you pull the sump cover and when both valves are closed you just pull the cam out. now to pull the crankshaft out you have to first pull the flywheel and disconnect the rod and piston from it. thanks for watching!!!

  14. that carb was actually off a 2 stroke generator, it does look like a honda style carburetor though! looks almost identical to the one on my honda clone engine now that i think about it! thanks for watching!!!

  15. no problem, glad it helped. its a good hobby / side line to get into, i really enjoy it. Thats a good motor to get started on! I did a 4 part video on rebuilding a briggs 12.5 horse motor, quite a bit bigger and different than a 3.5 but it may be worth watching or skimming through, i do hope to do a video specifically on rebuilding a 3 or 3.5 horse push mower engine this summer or next. good luck on your project! thanks for watching!!!

  16. i was taking the bottom plate off my engine to access the cam and jack shaft but there was a big thing on the shaft and i couldn't figure out how to get it off how do you?

  17. are you talking about the pulley? you will have to remove the set screw and use a puller to pull the pulley off of the shaft. thanks for watching!!!

  18. yes thats correct, if you want to see one in action before you use it, watch my video called how to remove and replace the clutch on a mini pocket bike, i show how to remove a clutch and you can see me use a small 3 jaw puller.

  19. There are a few different oversized piston & rings available for the Briggs & Stratton engine so they can be rebored & have the oversized piston fitted, it would be nice to be able to press an iron sleeve into the Aluminium block as it would make the engine last longer.
    I know of this person my dad used to work with who did some modifications like that to a Briggs & Stratton engine including pressing needle roller bearings into the engine halves so the crankshaft could ride on them instead of the crankshaft journals running directly onto the Aluminium case.
    They have no sleeve bearings in them for the crankshaft so it runs directly into the case.

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