Briggs and Stratton Engine Repair 3.5HP 1980 | PART 1

An old 1980 Briggs and Stratton 3.5hp engine repair series. Welcome to part one where I am cleaning and rebuilding parts of the engine.
My intention for this small engine is to clean it up, service and paint it. Then finally get it running where it can be seen in all its glory.

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21 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Engine Repair 3.5HP 1980 | PART 1

  1. you should use a straight edge and the appropriate feeler gauge I want to say .03 , not sure though, on the top of the tank especially the part where the choke spring goes around the 10 -11 o'clock position where there is the round hole with the small metering channel that goes to the big recess where the choke spring goes. Those tanks warp a lot. I think it is from pouring cold gas into the tank after the mower has run out while running.

  2. Nice video, I do the same as you, buy old engines and restore them, I only have a few in my collection at the moment I have a Sthil FS96 engine which is quite rare, a petter A1 engine, an old 1980 12HP I/C Briggs and a few more, keep up with what you are doing, brilliant and very informative.

  3. Hey mate, I have the exact same engine and I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the small metal part at 4.12. It's in the top of the carb on the beige colored valve. It looks like a tiny screw or jet? What is this part and how necessary is it?

  4. can you confirm which side the spring goes before putting the diaphragm back on? I didn't see it being removed or put back. also how did you clean the main jet? thanks.

  5. 3:01 "Not the right gasket for this engine". Actually they made one gasket which fit the 3/3.5HP (9 cubic inch) engines and the 4HP (11 cubic inch) engine, which had a wider crankcase in that area. The gasket 'flap' you noted is actually the part that makes it work with the 4HP variant. It is very likely a factory installed gasket.

  6. i have exactly the same engine only difference is the pull cord its off to the side but i wanna put a scooter carb on it but for that i need to know how many cc's these engines are can some tell me that info

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