BRIGGS AND STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR how to replace the ignition module on most 4 and 2cycle engines


watch as the mowermedic1 replaces an ignition modle on an ohv lawn mower engine on a toro recycler

how to test an ignition coil

tecumseh ignition test



47 thoughts on “BRIGGS AND STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR how to replace the ignition module on most 4 and 2cycle engines

  1. I have a bad boy zer0 turn mover that has a 27hp briggs intek engine it starts up and runs for a while then starts to spudder, when it cools it runs great again

  2. installed one this morning made in china . even with new coil no spark ,and that without using the kill wire to make sure its not a ignition issue ? they are ordering a new on from easy wheels in inverness fl , must be defective 50 bucks in change . bummer LOL

  3. Hey Jeremy,I have a craftsman 13.5 hp riding mower. I have changed gasoline, and gas filter, put it a new carburetor because that is what sears said could be the problem. Oil, spark plug are new. I finally got and installed the magenito (ignition coil) but it will still not start. The mower is not in bad shape but cannot seem to find the issue. Let me see if I can send you the video I have. Any ideas what it could be?

  4. question: i have a 3hp B&S and and i have no spark, one wire goes from the coil to the points, one to the sparkplug but i dont know where the third wire has to go.

  5. I'm having issues. Mower ran great, then a month ago it started surging, then shut off. I removed the carb and cleaned all the passages. Still not start. Has good compression, and spark. Not sure how good the spark should be. I used my plug tester and it lights. It won't even start with starting fluid. I also checked the flywheel keyway.

  6. I have a 19hp Kawasaki that sounded like it was intermittently losing spark. Put a spark tester on it and sure enough the one side was losing spark. Changed the coil on that side and replaced spark plugs on both sides. It ran great for about a week then started doing the same thing. It still does it intermittently. It might be fine for a couple mows then I'll go to start it up a few days later and it does it immediately. Shut it off and start it the next morning and it will be fine. What am I missing??

  7. Before buying and replacing the ignition coil you should try to just regap the existing coil. That what I did to mine and it fires right up on the first half pull. My coil was slightly touching the magneto so it was causing resistance and was harder to pull. Now its very easy to pull and it didn't cost me anything.

  8. Jeremy, I have a old String brush cutter with a B&S 6hp (122K02-007-E1) that is acting like it is Hydro-Locked, but when I pull the plug and pull it through, no oil comes out. No oil comes out of the muffler either. It is very hard to pull through with the plug in, but easy with the plug out. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  9. Good tips! never thought of using a drill, wished I seen your video before I trouble shooted my mower!… just waiting for my coil fly here.

  10. great video. straight to the point and that's how I like it. If I ask you the time don't tell me how to build a watch, just a straight answer.
    Keep video's coming. Happy observer. Thank you.

  11. Should of removed all that dirt, grass and oil that was under the magneto. Can cause the cylinder to run hot in that area which leads to engine failures. Make sure the entire cylinder and head are clean to cool properly.

  12. I have a 2003 zero turn 38in timecutter toro, two days ago I used it twice and now it won't even turn over, what is going on with it?, the switch and voltage regulator have not been replaced

  13. Hi – I have a Briggs & Stratton 12.5 HP that refuses to start – I think I may have found the reason but do not know how to go about correcting it – it seems that at Piston TDC, one of the magnets has totally passed both pickups and the second magnet in the flywheel is just about to say goodby to the remaining pickup making ignition before top dead centre impossible – I have had the Flywheel off and was most careful to see that the keyway was correctly filled with the rectangular key – but noted that the keyway slot was wider than usual and the key was a tight fit when fitted sideways – this meant that there was very little key entering the flywheel slot.
    All of this may be irrelevant as the Plug (New) will not spark at all

  14. what does the mower do when the ignition module is bad. my push mower doesn't start . it just smokes some after 14 pulls

  15. very informative video, thank you. I have a snapper mower that I brought a new engine off of brandnewengines. The design is ready start and the engine brake is different. I have had to shut it off by unplugging the plug. Now I don't get a spark. I suspect the coil is bad. Would unplugging the plug to shut it off make it go bad? I feel like a fool thank you

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