Briggs and Stratton Engine Surging, Stalling & Backfiring fix (parts used below)

Simple fix idle/running problems with Briggs& Stratton of most years, Dual fix: Exact ORing KIT Kit Orings V-twin all Exact B & S AND NEW Fuel Pump & Filter too With Filter – OEM Parts. And if all else, the B&S Twin Manual for all answers and facts.

[Briggs & Stratton Nikki V Twin Jet & Transfer Tube O-Ring Service Kit]

Replacement pump for these and more:

KOHLER 24 393 04-S

KOHLER/24 393 16-S

KOHLER 24 393 16-S






KAWASAKI 49040-7001

DIXI CHOPPER 24 393 04-s

HONDA 16700-ZL8-013

Mikuni Part no: 808492

Fit Follow Models:

Briggs & Stratton: 28B702, 28B707, 28M707, 28N707, 28P777, 28Q777, 351442 and 351447

Kawasaki: 15 thru 25 HP engines

Kohler: CH17-CH25, CV17-CV25, CH730-CH740 and CV730-CV740; for 17 HP thru 25 HP engines

Fuel Filter Specs: Fits 1/4″ fuel line

Filter Size: 1 1/2″ OD X 4 1/2″ LONG (Fit both A 1/4″ X 5/16″ ID Fuel Line)



27 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Engine Surging, Stalling & Backfiring fix (parts used below)

  1. Trouble shooting a new john deere D130 less then 20hrs on it. backfries within 1 min of starting and backfires in any throttle position. To me it sounds like fuel re-igniting in  the exhaust? Any recommendations.

  2. My 24hp Intek Nikki (for Craftsman DYS4500) hunts and surges like mad after I took it out of storage (3 years). It was stored properly, but I still had to take the carb off and clean the bowl and shutoff before it would start. It did that the last 2 years I had it before putting it in storage. Cleaning just that always let it start. When it started hunting & surging, I installed new jets for my alt. It ran great for a few mows then started doing it again. I didn't address it before I put the mower in storage (other issues to address in moving away). When I cleaned the carb, one of the jets fell out. So, new O rings are on the list. But my shutoff is not inline with the nozzle. There is not an O ring around anything of the shutoff either. Never was. Is there supposed to be? The shutoff piston is small and at 90deg/perpendicular (meaning the elec conn is parallel) to the nozzle. Engine is B&S 445677-0827-E1. However, the parts the Sears has illustrated for it are NOT altogether correct. There is no nozzle O ring at the shutoff. There isn't an extension tube either. The shutoff piston is positioned 90deg to the nozzle. The float bowl does not have a flat rim all around the edge, but only 2 ears where the screws pass through. Taking it out of storage, I replaced plugs, oil & filter, air filter & pre, fuel filter & battery. When it would turn over but not start and flooded, I removed carb & cleaned thoroughly. Then it started. But hunts & surges throughout. Only in pulling choke partially (may be nearly half way) out could I get it to run sufficient to mow. It returned after a time though and then nothing helped. I don't think the fuel pump is an issue; Fuel filter level never fluctuated. At a loss right now.

  3. I love the background music and the way you illustrated this video, im 50% deaf, I could hear you just fine.

  4. Great video. Very informative. TY. But damn it. Now I gotta rip mine apart. I will post the video for you to laugh at.
    Great job and TY!

  5. Well after repairing the carb and replacing the fuel pump as well, the new pump already failed. Fuel will not spit through the other side. I hope I still have the old one still laying around.

  6. Any help would be very much appreciated…..I have a murray 22 horse 46 inch…about 15 years old….cant get a manual anywhere,,,,,,,,,Engine is backfiring once turned off,,,it has about a tree second delay before the bang,,,,,,,,,now its backfiring when you start up the engine (big flame) Engine appears to have a slight OFF idle,,,,,so far I only used carburetor cleaner spray….cleaned air filter…filter looked good…some debris…(very fine) .
    Again any feedback would be great …..thank you

  7. DIY NOTE – For ALL 1 and 2 cylinder power users, if you want to actually get the ethanol film and carbon out of your pre-combustion engine parts then use BG, . It will actually work getting fine particles and sludge out. 2X better than seafoam and other solvents.

  8. Great video. I think it will help me a bit on a 92 MTD with a 18.5 horsepower V-twin Briggs & Stratton which is idling low and high. Infact when I throttle it down it shuts off without turning the key off. Also after shutting it off it will generally give off a big backfire so I'm guessing it's these little o-rings. I'm going to have to get the exact motor model #'s to figure out what I need. I fiddled with idle adjustment screws a while back and it helped at first but it's right back at surging again and while mowing it causing a lot of deck wobble. Mower has cut 2-3 acres once every week or 2 during mowing season since 92 & I've never had to do anything to it other than regular oil changes (don't use oil filter) & has to be a record breaker with nearly 25 years of cutting this very large yard. I like to make things last as long as possible & it's feasible providing it's made with good parts to start with. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My problem is that one of the cylinders is not firing. I have checked the spark and valves and they are okay. I suspected that it does not get gas and cleaned the carb same way you have done but the problem is still there. What could the problem be?

  10. I have a 2016 John Deere Z525E that has 67 hours on it and it's surging, backfiring after a couple minutes, and eventually stalls. It has the 22HP V Twin Briggs and Stratton motor (are they still using the same motor from 15 years ago?). However I forgot to put the cap back on after filling it and saw some debris in the gas tank. I also hit a rope and it got around the blades and stalled it out. Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks!

  11. Too bad you didn't talk ANY about removing the carburetor. Too much detail about fan cover, but nothing about carb.

  12. Well I'm finally getting back to that V twin Intek 20 hp. I didn't know if the vacuum hose was working correctly or not so I'm going to purchase a new one and see if that will work. If not I'll do what you said about going through the fuel system and gently blowing air back into the system. Last time I was able to pull one of the fuel lines off going into the carb, but now nothing comes through. I really don't have time to pull the head right now to see if the valves aren't seating properly….grrrrrr

  13. John, I have a B&S 445677 V twin engine with 660 hours that the carb fell apart on (butterflies fell apart) so I replaced the carb. Now it runs really rough and surges a lot. When I engage the mower, it loses a lot of power and the engine cant seem to keep up with the mower. If I run it up a hill, I have to turn off the mower deck so it doesn't stall out. probably sounds crazy but if it leans downhill to the left it runs worse than if it leans downhill to the right. Any ideas?

  14. Fixed my problem. Thank you! Now what do I do to get the throttle to work? It runs the same speed in the turtle mode as it is in the rabbit mode.

  15. Really helpful video.My simplicity riding mower is about 10 years old and I have been fortunate that this is the first time I have had to tackle an issue with this mower and the Briggs & Stratton engine.Need to ask and confirm before I go further with the carb, Is my mower issue solution the same carb fix as described in the video for a surging engine repair?The video speaks to a surging engine and erratic engine performance.  My engine issue is likely related to the carb too, my mower specifically runs with the choke closed for several minutes and then eventually floods out and quits.  When loading up the engine under power, the engine quits.I've replaced the plugs, the air filter, fuel filter, and sprayed the carb with sea foam. I still need to replace the fuel pump.  What do you recommend my next steps to take? Am I rebuilding and cleaning the carb jets or do I have a different issue to tackle and path to a solution?Any additional insight and help would be great.  Thanks.

  16. Good information–that was my problem and I got it fixed. However, in my case the screws holding the carburetor bowl were so firmly held with locktite that the screw heads disintegrated. I had to drill out the screws (Grabit did not work) and tap new holes to get the bowl back on.

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