1. I dont know why but its allways enjoyable to see a professional stripping an engine down, we get to see all the parts, i bet its as boring as hell for you.

    My briggs&stratton gets an oil change every year and sparkplug/air filter clean/replace.
    Its a minimum to do but the mower starts and runs happy 🙂

    Smashing teardown 🙂

  2. Well done. Most engines call for a 30 wt oil. or multi grade 5 or 10w 30 . Do you have any preference on oils including synthetic oils.

  3. You Said If I have any Briggs Questions ask So Here It is I have a not very old 6.5hp OHV 120312-0150-E2 engine won't fire with starting spray. or fuel I have torn it down put it back Nothing damaged any where, Not even flywheel key.If you look at 18 hp Briggs and Stratton rebuild pt 7 I asked the guy the same question and I posted everything I did and checked on this engine can you read my posts and figure out why I have this problem? (perfectly good engine) I don't want to part it out. I need it LOL Damn wood chippers.

  4. I Tried 3 different good coils to test this engineeven checked the cam for something loose moving or worn cam was good. timing marks where right on.valve clearances where reset to int .oo5 and exh .010

  5. Have you ever ran across one that the crank shaft is so rusted the sump won't come off?I have a 173cc that I can't get the sump off without damaging it.I have sanded it with 120 grit cloth strip and removed the seal.I was thinking of heating the sump with a prophane torch next.Do you have any advise.Thank you sir.

  6. I have a John Deere lawn tractor LA 125 with a Briggs engine. It stopped running,  and I found that the flywheel key was sheared. I changed the key, and it started right up and ran for two seconds, and sheared the key again. I put another key in, and it sheared that key. I am think that this engine might have the cam with the nylon gear, and possibly the gear slipped on the shaft. I now have to pull it apart and see what might be  the problem. Can you give me an idea what you think might be the problem? Also if it is the cam gear that has slipped in the shaft do you know if an all steel cam is available?

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