7 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton fuel tank repair

  1. Hi. Can you please make a video on how to completely take this style of gas tank apart please regardless if you damage the tank or not because I really need to see how to do it. Thanks and please let me know

  2. I noticed my mower had a slight leak from the bottom of my tank directly under the carb and when i reached under and rubbed my fingers around to feel where the leak was i must have rubbed the rust off and what started as a slight drip turned into not one but two thin streams of gas. So i took the tank off to find two tiny hole rusted through. I did find some replacement tanks online but i thought i would give a patch a try. So i ordered some Seal-All 80112 Contact Adhesive & Sealant and now 4 days later i'm waiting on the postman with my sealant "out for delivery". I'm going to try gluing a rubber patch made from and old bike tube. I hope this works.

  3. Where can I find one of those newer tanks with the plastic carb? My tank was frozen with water in and is round now. It was the same tank you said isn't worth anything to you, can't find one anywhere that isn't $30+

  4. There are many different types of carbs, and gas tank tops.
    I have to admit, I hadn't thought of taking the tank bottom off and mating it to another top. I will have to collect some newer tanks for donors.
    So it is the 4 horse model 110.. carb that you need (sorry about the confusion , I watched the other vid first!)

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