Briggs and Stratton Intec Single Cylinder OHV 28 to 33 cubic inch running changes

Briggs engines have went threw many changes over the years . This flywheel on a Intec single cylinder really took me by surprise as I would have never believed they would have made a change so drastic . And in truth for what purpose? {CRAZY} On Briggs part but be as it may this will prove to be yet another challenge for Service Techs whom find there selves faced with a issue like I encountered …..This new change will lead to people changing flywheels out of desperation only to find there engine will now only backfire as a result these engines will make there way into service shops undoubtably with the wrong flywheel only to further complicate a already stressful situation for the unfamiliar Service Tech ……..Complete Bull Shit ……….Needless in every way to have been done .



One thought on “Briggs and Stratton Intec Single Cylinder OHV 28 to 33 cubic inch running changes

  1. Hi Kevin! I'm new to your channel. Love the videos! I recently came across one of your videos about a Kohler Command engine. You showed a trick about using a spray under coating to allow the helix gear to grab the appendix gear which allowed it to engage. I wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind. I recently bought a new starter on line for my Kohler engine and new out of the box the starter spins but the appendix gear just spins. It doesn't engage and go up to the fly wheel. Do you think I got a bad starter? Thanks in advance!

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