Briggs and Stratton Intek OHV 18HP rebuild (part 1)

Explanation of the parts, cleaning, teardown, and honing of the cylinder. This video series will show how to rebuild this engine, using most basic automotive tools. I will not focus on tolerances and clearances too much in this video.


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28 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Intek OHV 18HP rebuild (part 1)

  1. Alex, could you tell us the best way to adjust the carb for an engine like this? Thank you again for a great series of videos!!

  2. In my opinion if your going to go through the trouble of honing the cylinder at the very least I would replace the rings. Nice video. Very informative.

  3. Great video series.  I have a 4 yr old single Intek 21 HP on a Sears tractor mower.  It runs fine other than it suddenly started smoking lightly when the engine is warm.  Compression is 160.  What troubleshooting is suggested to find out the cause of the white smoke?

  4. I would never recommend using gas for cleaning parts,  static electricity from the body is enough to light the fumes.  I have seen it happen twice and the outcome is not pretty.

  5. Why did you replace the crank? The used one doesn't look so good. Especially where the rod connects. Shouldn't it be shinny and smooth like a main bearing? That one looks a bit dull and worn.

  6. Just curious, I have the v-twin 22hp Intek engine on my John Deere tractor and I believe it has a crack in the cylinder (already replaced the head gasket and it was fine) as oil is dripping out below one of the cylinders.  I know I need to disassemble the engine to see if this is the case, but how much different is the reassembly of the v-twin vs the single cylinder version you are doing here?  Do you have a video of a v-twin that might help better or is the process basically the same, but with two cylinders.  Thanks!

  7. Hi Alex,

    I have a 18.5 Briggs OHV 31Q777-0305-E1. The engine runs great, but when I engage the PTO for the blades there is a fast knocking sound for 1-2 seconds and goes away completely when mowing. Knocking only occurs when engaging the blades. Do you think it's the engine or something else?

  8. Alright, so I agree with you that the single cyl OHV's are shit. However, the V-twins, I really like them even though they use mostly the same parts. That being said, after 4000 hours it blew its head gasket at the same time it got a leak somewhere in the intake post-air filter, so it was sucking junk in and destroyed the rings. That being said, the tractor is '04, fresh transmission and little to no rust on the frame. Would you say to go ahead and rebuild it, overhauling it, or to send it to the scrap heap?

    Second item: Briggs technical service shop manual (hold your comments, please) says to use ATF or kerosene for honing oil. Does it make that much difference?

    Third item: The REALLY old Kohlers are good, but the new ones are utter shit in my opinion. Way too cheap.

  9. Thanks Alex. Just bought a used Poulan with one of these Intek engines. After some cleaning of the engine and a valve adjustment it is running, but I think that I might replace the head gasket just in case.

  10. Someone gave me a practically new riding lawn mower with a 18.5 hp Intek plus motor.The motor is severly damaged. The most visible damage is the cast metal housing.There are big chunks out of it where you can see the internal parts.Should I put the time and money into a lot of parts and fix this motor.Will I have the same problem in a few years because of the poor design?I already have 2 smaller riding mowers that work,but I'd love to have this big momma cutting my grass because of thee extra power and headlights for night.
    OR how hard would it be to retrofit a different B&S motor of same hp to the mower.
    Are mounting bolts the same on another B&S 18.5 up engine? Thank You,Harry.

  11. I have a 2012 zero turn with a 22hp vtwin   it runs ok but does not have a lot of power.when you engage the blades the motor will almost die then will get some speed but when you cut into any grass even shorter grass it will bog down very slow…what could be the issue someone please call me on my cell at anytime and tell me how to fix this issue..thanks alot 229-854-2499 larry

  12. Hey Alex my brothers 26hp  v twin just stopped on him….says no compression either cylinder….he had oil(not sure how often he changed it)…whats the chance of breaking both connecting rods?also,…I suppose he has the plastic oil slinger….man seems to me that's a awful important part to be making out of plastic..have you found some broken ones?, how does this part hold up…? should it be changed periodically, ? they have plastic water pumps in outboards and you gotta just change them evry 5 years or so…depending on use.

  13. I have a John Deere overhead valve Briggs intek 206 pressure washer all of my oi all of my oil is draining out of my pvc valve for my air filter box what is bad someone please help

  14. I would like to see a video of how to replace the upper crankcase bushing. Can you post one or provide a link to one? I am not able to find one. Are special tools needed?

  15. Hi Alex, I spent the last few days tearing down my mower to repair a nasty oil sump leak, and PTO seal. I went ahead and replaced the OHV gaskets at the same time. I reassembled everything and much to my amazement it started right up. However my joy was short lived when it began to smoke, and I noticed the low pressure oil light was lit. I felt the OHV covers and they were too hot to touch, but my new oil filter was a cool as when I took it out of the box. I obviously did something tragic, but I have NO idea what it could have been? I have no left over parts, I know every bolt is tight  My knowledge of the oil pump, where it is, how it works, what could go wrong is ZERO. When I was flipping the engine back upright I did hear a metallic "Clack, Clack" that made the same sound as dropping a 1/2 inch socket on metal. What the heck do I do next… 24HP Intek, Thanks in advance!!

  16. Hey, just have to thank you. I used your videos to completely rebuild my 21H OHV engine. Your videos made it easy to follow along with. This was my first time doing anything like this, since I'm NOT mechanically inclined. But, after it was all put together, it started first time. Still going strong after a month. The piston shaft/arm was broken and it broke the ACR off the cam shaft. So I had to replace both things. Thanks again. Total cost = 120. That's with two parts, oil, lubricant and a new head seal.

  17. We have a 18 hp briggs stratton twin model 356447-3079-g1 we are trying to put it together and we got engine torn apart but my question is that on our rods it shows out 1 and other side shows out 2. ( block does show piston 1 and piston 2) how should they face to fly wheel. Thank you so much for this great videos

  18. Ive only recently heard from the reputation. I've ran my 17.5 pertty unconscionably since 2003 and it just started puffing a little oil smoke under load and at startup. I'll admit it don't compare to the rep of my dad's era briggs and stratton but it's not disappointed me. I hope a head gasket fixes it.

  19. my 18.5 blew a rod.  should I even mess with it or just move on?  wondering if there's a chance of little damage and if it's worth the time? thanks

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