Briggs and Stratton Intek OHV Tear Down/Failure Analysis

Taking a quick look at the briggs and stratton Intek single cylinder engines and why they often fail by way of thrown rods. Any questions on these motors please ask in comments and I will reply with word or video.
Thank you for posting questions, this brought up a vital thing that I failed to mentioned. For those not familiar with these engines, they have a common issue with blowing these cylinder head gaskets. With a blown gasket the engine can run okay but it will slowly consume oil from the crankcase, sometimes it will be obvious but not always. Alot of people dont check their oil level until the engine completely burns most of the oil in the crank case, this causes the connecting rod and many other parts to run dry without out. Usually the connecting rod overheats, seizes to the crankshaft and then shatters and destroys the motor.


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37 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Intek OHV Tear Down/Failure Analysis

  1. I recently bought a used crank and pistons on eBay for $50.00 with shipping. But I wasn't sure about the rods and the caps being matched.. for the engine I'd bought for $125.00 that was supposed to have been a running engine, with compression. Well, he was half right with one rod broken. I was able to get it running and patch the cracks in the block with epoxy. Many mistakes so far and don't think it will last very long.

  2. I have a lot of gas powered equipment  and the Honda engines are very old and no problems. The Briggs engines on two pieces of equipment are junk. The one on my Lawn Vac (2012) is only used twice a year for leaves. It has just started smoking heavily if idling for over a minute, and has to be revved to run clean.

  3. Don't forget to lighten the load – many un-needed parts are usually left over with no place to go and you wonder why they did it this way – LOL

  4. and why did they build em where you have to take entire engine apart just to replace a broken ring ? Nutz ! could have a simple cylinder remove and pop and drop be a 15 min job

  5. You never really did say what was the root of the problem.
    You said the valves were in spec…..yet there's a blown head gasket.
    You hinted low oil. …..hence the broken crank?
    i guess this was all caused by low oil?

  6. Great Video! Thanks, I think there are so many Briggs motors with busted cranks, I will stay away from Briggs from now on. Same problem occurred to me

  7. I have a John Deere LA115 that I bought new back in 2010 with a B & S 500cc, 19.5 hp Powerbuilt engine… I have 760 hours of hard use on it and have never had any issues with the engine, always started, and not so much as a skip in 6 years… All I do for maintenance is change the oil and filter every 25 hrs and use a premium 10-30 air cooled oil. Also change the plug, air filter and fuel filter every season..

  8. I have a Craftman 2000 lawn tractor with a 20HP dual that's been running since the year 2000. I also had a second newer lawn tractor with an 18HP single Intek, just like the video. Can you guess which lawn mower is still running today? I'll help you by saying that the one that's running never burns oil. It's had 3 spark plugs in 16 years and a similar number of gas and air filters. I'll give you a hint, the engine that died after 4 years had a hole by the starter, which was the size of a golf ball. That piece of garbage Intek was replaced with a 1992 12.5HP L-Block that's still going strong. I've owned B&S and Tecumseh  engines for more that 40 years and I can't believe what they are selling today. I have to admit that the Japanese Kawasakis and Hondas are better engines.

  9. I have a riding mower with a 21HP Briggs and Stratton Intek engine. I put in some bad gas (water contamination) and it backfired like crazy. I kept restarting it, it kept backfiring, until something happened and the starter would not turn the engine over anymore. It just goes about 1/2 second, and then stops turning, like it cannot get past the compression. When I take out the sparkplug the engine turns over fine. I replaced the starter (wasn't a problem) and used a battery charger/engine starter to make sure it wasn't the battery, either. Could the backfire have screwed up the valves or pushrod or something? There is no funny metallic noise coming from the engine. If I try to fix it myself, what should I try to replace?

  10. Alex, Thanks for this great video. I was able to tear down my 21HP Intek – and found a destroyed governor, connecting rods, and an array of other problems. I'm looking to buy a replacement engine and have been considering another Intek, or something like the Kohler KT745. Do you have any recommendations? Are all Intek engines junk, or did they try and fix the problems?

  11. Used be a half decent engine once but now there just a cheap peace of shit I just stick to Hondas these days my Honda push mower is over 20 years old still doesn't use oil

  12. I had a head gasket blow like that after the mower was only 2 years old, changed it and its still fine 15 years on 😉

  13. Great vid…..I'm tearing my 18 HP down right now. It was blowing a lot of smoke and it turns out there was gasoline in the oil. Doesn't that sound like rings, or is it the head gasket too? The head gasket didn't look too bad. Gas in the oil though, that's never good, but the engine is nice and clean inside!

    The cylinder wall is smooth and almost shiny. I'm thinking hone the cylinder, new rings and another head gasket. Your input greatly appreciated ! Thanks for the vid. It solved my issue of getting into the engine nicely.

  14. i just tore one of these down also, mine has the oil pump an filter. my problem was connecting rod busted an it also busted the counter balance connecting rods. rest of motor is good. i might rebuild mine or might just keep the good parts for other motors.

  15. Have a Toro Zero Turn with this 17hp ohv motor on it. Appears it threw the rod just like this one. Is there a compatible reliable option we can swap it with?

  16. yup. spent the last two days fidling with this same engine. its a huge pile of garbage. too much compression on mine. im figuring bent rod or bad cam. ill never buy a brigs after dealing with this one. good video though

  17. These engines always blow head gaskets in that same area because of the design flaw of not putting a 9th head bolt between bolts #1 and #2 on the carburetor side of the piston, absolutely inexcusable!

  18. Do you have a video on how to replace the valve guides on a briggs 15:-P over head valve engine, it had a blown head gasket but is it worth trying to rebuild the head? The exhaust valve and guide are covered with carbon. Changed the head gasket but after it starts trying to back fire and gets hot.

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