Briggs and Stratton Lawn Tractor Engine 14.5 I/C Quiet Overhaul Part 11

This video series focuses on the the Briggs and Stratton Single Cylinder OHV Lawn tractor engine overhaul, cleaning and assembly.
Please keep in mind that the ideas and concepts explained in this video will apply to a variety of other models.
However the specifications in torque, gap check, shim check and other limits are specific to this model and may or may not apply to others.
All units and sizes are in U.S. standard.
Torque: lb-in or lb-ft(where applicable)
Gap/length: inches
Sockets: inch fractional (mm only for valve adjust)

Engine Model: B&S 287707-0220-01 0411154A
Piston Kit and Rings: 499284 standard size used before date code 01041900
Gasket and Seal Kit: 495993
Flex Hone 3.75″ diameter
Piston Ring Compressor 2-5″ diameter
Upper Crank Bushing and Seal kit: 399265
Lucas Oil Assembly Lube
5W-30 motor oil
Torque Wrench 40-950 lb-in rating
Socket variety including 15/16″ socket is critical
Valve Lapping compund and suction cup kit
ATF oil for honing
Feeler gauge set .002 to .030 max required range

Rod Bolt Torque: Small bolt 160 lb-in, large bolt 260 lb-in
Sump Bolt Torque: 220 lb-in
Cylinder Head Bolt Torque: 220 lb-in
Flyhweel bolt torque: 780-1200 lb-in (or 65 to 100 lb-ft)
Magneto coil gap: .010-.014
Intake Valve Gap: .003-.005
Exhaust Valve Gap: .005-.007

Gap translations:
.001 is one thousandth of an inch
.002 is two thousandths of an inch
.010 is ten thousandths of an inch
.020 is twenty thousandths of an inch

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10 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Lawn Tractor Engine 14.5 I/C Quiet Overhaul Part 11

  1. I have a 12 HP Briggs and Stratton from 1987 still going strong Royal purple oil 10/30 I have over 3900 hrs and still no Leak's or oil burning synthetic oil is the best way to go

  2. Thanks for the great info. Mine ran fine for 17 years, a little puff on start for last 4 years in the cold.
    Need new head gasket now, I believe,It blew a huge white puff then quit. Had a lot of fuel in oil?

  3. i just bought one of these engines to replace my model 31 that shattered the connecting rod. great series. the tip on the auxiliary choke limiter bolt was pure gold to me. thanks again for all the detail you give on this series. Rob

  4. Excellent videos on this re-manufacture, Alex. Roughly, what was your out of pocket for this re-man? Also, what website do you purchase your parts from? Sorry if I missed this information some where.

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