Briggs and Stratton model 10T802 10 Cubic Inch L head 550 series

Carburetor repair. Tune up. There are 3 bolts holding the engine cover with pull start. I only show 2 being removed. Replace the “O” ring on the carb intake that goes on the intake tube. Torque the head bolts. Sometimes the model number is on a different location on the engine cover. its there somewhere.. Make sure to clean the inside of the gas tank. The cover with pull start is 2 piece, one piece is the spacer for the carb/ governor linkage cover.



13 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton model 10T802 10 Cubic Inch L head 550 series

  1. Hi can you make a video of how to put the linkages back on , I took them off and can't seem to figure out how to put them back on .


  2. for the governor ? you can't get it hooked back on the carb ….is there any lawnmower repair places near buy, they may have a junker that you could look at, or the junk yard.

  3. Mower has progressively got worse with surging and hard starting. Plug appearance and exhaust would suggest it has been running rich. Runs best on last few drops of gas. I have cleaned air filter, replaced the diaphragm, insured plug was proper – but no change in performance. Could there be lack of air draw through carb due to faulty o-ring on manifold? It appears over-sized as it does not seat properly in recess of carb manifold outlet.

  4. what happens is the gas tank can warp, when this happens gas leaks into passage ways especially the diaphragm / fuel pump causing the engine to run rich. pouring cool gas into a gas tank that ran empty can warp the tank over time. Depending on what type of carb, there is a repair kit or new gas tank.

  5. Very helpful. Itsnotmygig but if I had time I'd do it like you did.
    How many mowers have this engine and carb system? millions. Mine has needed maintenance very year since 2010. Thought it was cheap at $189… like the quietness and light weight. Think I'll switch to a better design now.

  6. Should have cleaned that old birds nest away from the carburetor before you sprayed cleaner lol.  Good video, but I agree with the last comment Рthe music was a bit painful.

  7. Great tutorial, but the music sounds like something from The Streets of San Francicso. One other question, what's up with that nasty gash above your right pinky. Get that checked out!

  8. THis was an excellnet video…. Walked me through the whole process very clearly….. Put everything back and the lawnmower is as good as new.

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