19 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton No Start Stops On Compression

  1. When you check your valve clearance you should rotate the crank back and forth on the compression stroke and look for that little bump of the intake valve opening. Very easy to diagnose if that quick bump isn’t present.

  2. got a D110, 20 hours on the clock, but its 1.5 years since i bought it, i have this issue, to say im upset is an understatement! I will get by for now, rewind the motor off compression then run it up and it starts! Cheers

  3. I think I have this problem on my D120. all I did was set the intaketo 4 thou and the exhaust i set the valve to -1 so slightly open barely…andnit runs perfectly

  4. Haven't torn the engine apart yet but I believe I have the same problem on a Briggs 21 hp Platinum. How long do you think it took you to get the engine back up and running.

  5. Wish it just had a pull-start. I'm a big guy and could pull it through…. avoid all this mess… though if pieces are roaming around in the crank, they gotta be got. 🙂

  6. I have a twin cylinder with same problem but I just take one spark plug out and run with one cylinder. Still has plenty of power to mow with.

  7. About to go work on my sisters lawn mower compression release failed. D105 john deere hope that drive pulley isn't out for blood 😟

  8. I just wrote Briggs a long Email telling them how junky their engines now are. This cam is a major issue that should have a recall made on these engines. The replacement is the same trash diecast material that failed to begin with. These engines are expensive to buy and are made from garbage. For less than $300.00 I bought a Harbor Freight 13 hp and have ran it hard for years on a mower all summer and sawmill all winter without any trouble. These Briggs are more than double the cost and are made of nothing.

  9. If I am not mistaken you can just replace the pressure relief mechanism if the cam gears are good and not the expensive cam. I saw a video a year or so back where the guy just replaced the mechanism. I have a 17 hp. Briggs that stopped cranking unless I jump it with a car battery or jumper charger. One it starts it runs fine with no problem. So pretty sure the mechanism is the problem.

  10. Just had the same problem. Went through all of the steps you did up to the point of the camshaft and learned about it watching the video. Replaced it and it started right up! That compression release was in multiple pieces. Thanks for the video.

  11. i have the same problem on a 18hp briggs motor. did you find all the proken pieces? i cant seem to find all the broken pieces on mine.

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