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  1. I have watched your video about flywheel key replacement where you mentioned that B&S engine was backfired through the carburetor and pops at its muffler. I have riding mower with B&S engine (Model 31A607 Type 0741, Code B2 080303ZD)on it and it does pop and get too hot after mowing it for 10 minutes. This engine has plastic fan attached to flywheel for air circulation which losses its blade or two every time I use it. Half of the fan blades are broken. It is a old engine and starts right away. I hate to get rid off it. Please advise on this issue so I can learn how to fix small engine.

  2. My mower is acting just like yours was,(coughing back through carb, no start) but the flywheel & key are lined up proper, key un sheared.. Any ideas as to what else might cause the seemingly same timing issue?
    My scenario:
    I have been using my mower all season no issues. My mower started running out of fuel while mowing, and i shut it down just prior to full stall out. I put fresh fuel in and now it is acting very similar to yours pre – fixed… I Got air, Got fuel, Got fire… But the timing seems to be off… It did start momentarily, but it sounds as if it is now exhausting through the carb…? As i sit here to explain, i now wonder if my timing issue is not in fact a stuck valve or bent push rod? : / I welcome any advice or input, but feel my next move is to take the valve cover off : /
    Thank you for the Great video BTW. It was informative, and entertaining at the very least! Get you some! LMAO! Classic…

  3. Fantastic help.
    I had the same problem with our Westwood 1012. Not starting and getting a backfire through the carb.
    Found your video and the problem was exactly the same as you described with the sheered keyway. Put in a new keyway and it started first time and is running better than ever. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. It was a great help.

  4. 550 EX B&S backfired badly and would not start. The needle valve in the carb has a composite point that broke off from the stainless body. It was loose and looked like a dark grain of sand when it fell out with the needle. When I replaced the needle it ran properly again.

  5. the 14.5 Briggs has a very high compression rating. mine simply wont turn over. the starter is too weak. any suggestions on what I should do?

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