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  1. Thank you so much! I received an older lawn tractor for free from my sister in law that I have been working on. I actually had a carb in my eBay box when I decided to check the internet. I watched your video and low and behold that was the problem. I cleaned the jet out and the motor started right up. This saved me $36. Everything helps when you are living on SSI and VA disability. Again thanks!

  2. @Nate Rowe I have this same carb on a EZ3 Craftsman. Few simple questions I could use help with as mower sits while I wait. Ran fine, next mow struggled to fire up and did. Ran bad for 15 sec and died. Smelled gas and took off air filter above carb. Plate had gas in it bad. Appears top of carb is pushing gas out and flooding mower. What causes that? So far I cleaned carb only. Did not mess with pump. Found white paste and flakes inside. So gas sat and turned. I brought mower 2 weeks ago used. Was fine till now. Carb is clean and looking good now. Have to put back on. Which brings me to I forgot what places lines go lol. So on carb is brass copper look end and the black plastic end on pump.Where does fuel line hook and where does other small line hook on carb?

  3. I have the 17hp Twin 2 engine with the 4 screw type carb. The engine has been surging up and down, especially when it warms up, not so much when it's cold. Anyway, I thought it might be a blown head gasket so I pulled the heads and the gaskets looked pretty good to me. Then when I went to start it it wasn't getting fuel. It would run for a few seconds if I poured fuel in the carb but it wasn't getting any on it's own. I took the fuel pump apart and checked it out and the gaskets/diaphragms looked good but they seemed kinda stiff. Might need new diaphragms. I should check that jet as well, could be it.
    Do you have any ideas about it and the surging? I've adjusted the governor several times and that doesn't fix it.

  4. Good explanation. Gonna mess with mine in a bit. About the nail deal ,no big deal .you've got your reasons. A lot of people get tattoos and regret it.. you on the other hand do as you please

  5. I had the same carburetor but mine was a bad float. Made of brass. It was so full of gas that it wouldn't shake. I had to stick it in water and it went to one side. I stuck it out in the sun and it started leaking. You can only get plastic floats for them. Crystallized gas is no joke when you're in the ports. You'll be soaking them almost a week. And it's hard to find carburetors for them

  6. And it's made of brass, so if it doesn't cooperate, don't force it. Sometimes the brass and the aluminum seize together.

    You can poke a wire or your tip cleaners through it and force carb cleaner through it. It's not the preferred method, but its better than introducing brass chips into your bowl.

    I had the same success he did without being able to remove it. Sometimes these brass parts can be persuaded, but often as not, they can't.

  7. Thanks for the tip and saving me some repair money. I followed your instructions, cleaned out the fuel jet and it seems to run fine now without 1/2 choke. BTW – I don't feel so bad about the shape of my workbench anymore.

  8. Ok and thanks for all of help tge reason i ask about the fuel pump was to make sure it no way it could be pump that much fuel and thank you for all of your help

  9. I got the four bolt one i got it apart clean it and put is back together it run good but it leak gas at the base of the carb what do think the problem

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