Briggs and Stratton Power Built 12.5 HP Flathead Model 28 Rebuild, Teardown / Reassembly PART 3

PART 3…. In this video i’m doing a teardown and rebuild of a Briggs and Stratton Power Built 12.5 HP Flathead Model 28 Lawn Mower engine. Hope this series helps you, be sure to watch the other parts. And the last part is the first start of this motor after being rebuilt (not a complete break in video, just the first few minutes of running and adjusting carburetor) The only thing i left out was checking the ring gap clearance, which all you do is put a new ring in the cylinder use the piston to push it down about a half inch or so and use a feeler gauge to check the gap on the ring. Use general safety rules when doing anything like this, it is extremely to cut/smash fingers at any point. I cut my thumb really bad on the timing gear on the crankshaft (off camera). Just be careful and use common sense. Thanks for watching



20 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Power Built 12.5 HP Flathead Model 28 Rebuild, Teardown / Reassembly PART 3

  1. I am trying to do one of these myself, and for days now and apart at least 5 times now. seems the intake valve stays open halfway up the compression stroke and therefore is getting no compression with a gauge. wants to start, but wont and blowing some fuel out the carb. what is causing this? for all original parts except the connecting rod and it is indeed the correct one. I even tried going 180 degrees on the cam with no luck. I am lining up the dots and the hole in cam placed top right when inserting it. is driving me nuts!!! and I need to get this thing running and done!!!  thanks

  2. i like the viedo 1.I need to have more information about fixing electrical systems on lawnmowers, safety wires tend to get into the way of letting the mower run properly or start. Trying to figure out which one needs if it is very hard to without trying to remove a safety feature. I would like to know more about wine process of a riding mower

  3. Hello, I was wondering if u could tell me which set of gaskets to buy from the Tulsa engine warehouse website for the crankcase as there are a few to choose from and I'm not entirely sure myself. Got the same engine but iv been stuck on the same problem with the crankcase for a fair wile. Thanks very much:)

  4. Your videos are tremendously helpful.  On the two oil seals (flywheel side and blade side), are they supposed to sit flush with the engine housing or go all the way down?  Thanks again!

  5. I have the EXACT "Briggs and Stratton Power Built 12.5 HP Flathead Model 28 Engine" you've rebuilt in this series – WHAT IS THE "CRANK case oil ring serial number" – im working with a budget that only works for the cash strapped home owners! I'll be tapping out my own gaskets as i have ordered a material for oil, fuel, and air…  PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!

  6. I'm in the process of reassembling my 12.5hp B&G. How do I know that the oil slinger is installed properly? I didn't catch your technique when putting it back in. Thanks!

  7. ure fantastic mechanic!! u us in "real" world not all is perfect!! JUST " get r done" !! and "back running, for "maybe yrs = GOOD JOB and lots of common sense

  8. Great. this helped me a lot, thanks. Where can I get the same tool to compress the springs that you used? as would preffer this type, can you advsie me of the name and make or a link if possible. thank you

  9. Hello there I am in the process of rebuilding the same engine shown here, I have gotten the crank case put back on and now I'm hearing a clicking sound when i manually turn the shaft to cycle the engine plus it is hard to turn. what have I done wrong here please????

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