Briggs And Stratton Powered Lawnmower Not Working How To Service

Briggs And Stratton Powered Lawnmower Not Working How To Service
In this video we look at a Mountfield petrol lawnmower fitted with a Briggs and Stratton engine that will not run. I go through some simple diagnostics to solve the problem and come across another problem.

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25 thoughts on “Briggs And Stratton Powered Lawnmower Not Working How To Service

  1. Excellent video,its worth its weight in gold. Clear, concise and to the point. If all YT videos were produced like this one then YT would have even more viewers. No pommy bashing from OZ here.Well done!

  2. Could have saved stripping anything, simply by placing your hand over the air intake a few times when starting to provide a 'choke' effect, there by drawing fuel through the dried out diaphragm !

  3. It's In The Carb I have been in the repair shop for 15 years and I have had mowers do that and I took the carb off an replace the Diaphragm Gasket kit this is the 1st step I take 95% of the time this fix the problem that's just what I do 1st God Bless and good videos.

  4. giving me the confidence to save money and gained some skill by watching this video……thanks to your very down to earth attitude it's helped me to realise anyone can have a go ?

  5. I have a very simular model, i got a new spark plug and cleaned the air filter which had a sticky feel to it and was hard to clean. cant get in to the pull chord area just yet as my tools are not here.

  6. Nice video mate – simple to follow with some useful tips along the way. I followed this procedure and got my 'lumpy' running, spark plug clogging engine starting first time and running very sweetly. Only expense was a new gasket and diaphragm.

  7. Cleaned the carb with carb cleaner and applied a new gasket and diaphragm, it starts but when i go over grass it cuts out. :/

  8. Cheers for sharing the info,I love these vids`the more knowledge that a person shares the less small engines end up on the scrap heaps,I learnt how to strip a small engine down knowing nothing about an engine,2 months after I was able to replace my head gasket and piston rings on my car engine,You guys help so many people when showing these vids,keep them going.

  9. Very explained well presented,videod & explained.When I first arrived here in NZ, I was told that I would have more luck asking to borrow my neighbors wife than his lawn mower. Turns out she was a mechanic. We've been happily together for 20 years now

  10. Actually the first video to cover many aspects of why it wouldn't start, or run poorly, 90% of YT vids are only of diaphragm change. After 20 years of meticulous running mine barely starts, and when it does, runs poorly for up to 20 seconds then dies and is almost impossible to start again. Changed the diaphragm, spark and it's the same, although I see my governor is completely messed up, the springs don't do their job and the carb butterfly moves freely. Will try fixing that an many other things you mentioned in your vid. Thumbs up!!

  11. Thanks for posting this. I had the same problem with a Briggs & Stratton engine, followed your diections, and now it's spinning like a top!

  12. Thanks Martin, enjoyed your clip.  Agree with you, it's good to do your own service. We own a 1977 Victa Sports 2 stroke – always done my own servicing on it.  Called a mechanic when the  Carby and magneto needed changing over though. Cheers mate, Patrick Vella,  Melbourne, Vic, Australia

  13. Hi Martin . Bit ofa cheeky question do you still have this mower sure you got it back off your relative , could you tell me me the model number off the id tag. Regards Pete.

  14. Hi Martin. Great videos, thanks. However all your mowers seem to start (ie actually fire and turn over). I've got a quite new unused briggs & stratton hp470 mountfield which although has a spark will not start. changed fuel. All looks ok. Do you have any advise as to what else I could try? Thanks. Neil

  15. hi great video. the best one i have watched. it will help me ten fold as i run my gardening company and I will be able to save money on repairs. How did you drain the oil as in video you seem to cut that scene. cheers bud joe

  16. What a brilliant video, sharing your knowledge is awesome. I've just been given one of these mowers. Has a leaky fuel tank and no springs on the earlier metal part you showed. Hopefully with this I can get it back to full health ???

  17. Excellent video! Had an identical mower not been used for a number of years….following these videos, replaced air filter, new spark plug, carb clean, new gaskets, new oil, new petrol….pull and started first time! Many thanks.

  18. Just thought I would let you know that I have learnt quite abit about small engines just from watching your videos
    ( 18 year old bloke from Australia )

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