Briggs and Stratton pressure washer trouble

It’ll weakly chug along for a number of seconds, before it conks out. ( disregard the smoke. It now no longer smokes when I start it ).
Any ideas?
Briggs and Stratton Quantum XTL Clean Power 60 engine. Primerless.

What I’ve done so far:
-New gas tank (old one developed crack in the seam)
-Fresh fuel
-Made sure fuel lines were clear
-New spark plug
-Cleaned carb thoroughly (cleaned bowl, took a wire to the jet holes etc.)
-New air filter
-Changed oil (oil is at proper level)



15 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton pressure washer trouble

  1. Your problem lays in the carb, the needle and seat is either dirty or the float is no good or out of adjustment, seeing you never took it apart im assuming the needle is not working or bad because its allowing to fill the bowl way too much , flooding it, im sure the plug is black form too much fuel or wet,. clean the needle and seat with cab cleaner, and try this, clamp the fuel line hose closed, if it runs fine your float or needle and seat is the problem, always use Stabil for storage.

  2. there is a carb problem clean the carb and then pull the head and cheak the rings and the gasket, it is blowing oil so it will either be the rings or the gasket

  3. I have this same pressure washer, I was wondering where you found parts for the engine? I haven't even been able to see if it starts yet. As soon as I pour gas in the tank it runs our of the air filter. Thanks for any help!

  4. i have the same pressure washer but i didn't do much maintenance on it so now several gaskets are bad and screws are rusting out because of leakage got lazy i guess

  5. The reason everyone has carb problems is because they are likely leaving gas in there for long periods of time. Same thing may happen to generators or snowblowers, and other infrequently used outdoor products. I have had a Briggs Quantum on my lawnmower for 15 years, and the thing is indestructible. You have to use gas stabilizer. Either the Briggs, Sta-bil, or Sea-Foam, stabilizers. Then you can leave the gas for long periods of time and do not have to worry about carb gumming or bad gas.

  6. most likely it is doing this because it is flooded… after about 5 seconds of running shut of choke if the choke is left on it dose that some times… also you may have a "stuck" float in your carb. or just a dirty carb.. but most likely it is the first or last reason

  7. I have this same model and it started running like that and then cut off. So I figured oil so I added a little oil and then suddenly oil was coming out of the air filter. I removed he filter and it runs fine without so all I figures that I need to do is to change the oil and then replace the oil filter

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