15 thoughts on “briggs and stratton runs for a few minutes then dies. Help please?

  1. Hello, can anyone help me with my problem? I have a craftsman riding mower with a 16 hp turbo cooled engine and after about 10 minutes it'll do what happened in the video except it'll try to die then return to normal and try to die and return to normal multiple times then finally die, even when turning the choke on it'll eventually die, ive checked the gas cap and blew through it where the vent is a was able to blow a little through it, i just recently cleaned my carburetor spotless removing the gunk inside, I've cleaned the air filter, cleaned the spark plug, the gas tank now is roughly 90-95% full, the ignition coil does have a little rust but i sanded down the part that faces the flywheel, and the gas tank is clean and has no debris in it, fuel filter is a little dirty which im gonna clean soon but gas flows nicely, i took the fuel line that goes to the carburetor and gas comes right out. Please help me!!! Its a 15-20 year old lawn mower and has been through alot and i really need help!! Thanks!!!

  2. If your mower's carb works on gravitational pull and doesn't have a fuel pump, then you should check the gas cap seal since those types of mowers have to create a vacuum to force the gas through the line so if there is little bit of air gap between the cap and the tank it won't allow it to create the vacuum necessary to send the gas to carb…
    I hope that you get to fix it….

  3. Probably clogged fuel filter. It trickles enough in to fill the bowl while not running. Once started, the engine empties the bowl faster than it can refill. Possible stuck or dirty float valve, as well.

  4. You have a stuck choke! The spring that is supposed to open it after
    choking is weak and will not open it! If you pull it open with your
    finger, it will run like a new mower, untill you choke it again and it
    sticks again!

  5. Yes, you have a stuck choke! The spring that is supposed to open the choke is weak and when you push it closed to choke it, the spring will not open it! Pull it open with your fingersand it will run like a new mower until; you choke it again and it sticks closed!

  6. you need to rebuild the carb or at least clean it the jets are clogged or the needle and seat aren't sealing does the gas disappear from the tank that means the needle and seat are sticking many good sites on you tube for overhallĀ  good luck

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