Briggs and Stratton Small Engines – 500e and 550e Series™

Our 500e and 550e Series™ push mower engines have best-in-class-torque-to-weight ratio. Both are equipped with a Prime ‘N Pull™ Easy starting system to offer quick starts and smooth performance. With reduced vibration and improved, quieter sound, these engines are easy to use and durable. You can depend on a Briggs engine to get the job done!

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16 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Small Engines – 500e and 550e Series™

  1. hi i have this engine on my edger  can the valve be adjust ed an can the governer be adjusted already cleaned carb an tank only one year old run rough  plaese help me 

  2. Brought a new lawnmower last year wont start this year once i got it out and primed it like 16 times and never started and the engine is a 500 silver from 2013 what is the code for the spark plug

  3. Bought a B&S 500e last year from Lowe's. Damn thing gives you a great work out trying to get it started! Looking around the net trying to figure out how to clean the carb so I can get it started.

  4. Got a murray with a briggs and stratton 550e series engine and wont start think its the bulb but cant find number of engine to get part.

  5. Its been setting in my garage for past couple of years. At first it refuse to start, then after few hours of working on it it started, then when it stopped, it started leaking massive amount fuel through the air filter housing. A very expensive paper weight.

  6. 500e 140cc Silver Series engine on Sears Craftsman mower has been nothing but starting problems since day #1. Have used lawnmower less than 10 times. Consistently awful to start. replaced plugs, carb cleaner, etc…do not buy a lawnmower with this engine…

  7. This engine on a Craftsman push mower is about the only thing nice about the system. Many times I have done a half-hearted pull merely to get the oil moving and gas primed before an intended serious pull, rather than push the dirty prime button – it'll actually starts up. The dirty button is part of Craftsman problem – they have air holes in deck allowing dust out all over engine and deck – stupid design since other makes don't do that.

  8. I had a Murry with the Quantum B&S engine that finally shot craps at the end of last season. I had that mower for about 5 years and had no problems until last year. The pull rope spring broke and I replaced it and got through the season. I just replaced the old mower with a very lightly used Weed Eater mower with the 550e engine and it does start with one or two pulls.
    Personally, I like B&S engines. They are pretty easy to work on and last if they are maintained. (at least they last for me. YMMV.) The thing I've found with them is that you need to change oil in the Spring and Fall and keep the oil level full. Clean the air filter about once a month during the mowing season. Keep a good spark plug in it. Keep the blade sharp. Routine maintenance seems to be the key with them.
    I do not keep my mower in a shed, but store it under a covered deck with a plastic storage container covering the engine.
    Guess I'll see if this one lasts as well as the last one, but I fully expect it to.

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