14 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Starter Motor: Clean / Reseat Brushes, Commutator, Grease, and Replace Gear

  1. I have a 15.5 OHV b$s and it turn and stop I rebuild that starter new batter and turn the vales and I took the presser release of and it does still do u thank it the crank bent?????

  2. I never heard of filing down the brushes, if I am reusing the old brushes I just make sure the comutator is clean like you did and make sure the "curve" in the brushes sit proper.
    I never could keep the brushes held back, they always snap loose before I got the cover on, threw more motors away because of that.

  3. you said 14 dollars , I'm seeing 40 bucks online ,where can I buy for 14 bucks ? thanks ray and thanks for all your help

  4. I think you are right about filing down the brushes to let them reseat in like new ones.   If sanding the commutator reduces the circumference very slightly, reinstalling the used brushes even if lined up perfectly there would be a very slight air gap on each brush at first before the brush reseats to the new curve of the reduced circumfrence.  The air gap could create some  arching, and could pit the commutator. 

  5. Before you used the battery charger to break in the starter you said as long as it has pretty high amperage. I have an older Schumacher battery charger with a 2 Amp and a 10 Amp setting. Is that what you're talking about or similar to what you use? 
    Great tip on tying the brushes back. I wish I knew that before I had worked on a tecumseh starter for a neighbor. I was holding the thing in my lap, pushing the springs back and the armature would slip or one of my fingers slip off a brush. I felt like a monkey screwing a football.

  6. very informative but now here's a tip for you, back in the 50s-60s we had rebuilt every starter and generator, to clean the commutator, we used a hack saw blade that we ground the sides smooth on a grinder leaving just the teeth, we would pull the hack saw teeth backward in the commutator slots to clean the grit out, back in the day I had a tool called a growler to ck the armature, by the 70s rebuilding things went out . we weren't mechanics anymore, we became parts changers. 

  7. Hi fnaguitarplayer I'm rebuilding a 1986 John Deere S92 with an 11 HP flathead Briggs, I have a question. Which is the negative and which is the positive on these roll type starters?

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