35 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton sticky valve fix

  1. Thats some good advice bud….I honestly don't think I would have thought about that either.. I'll probably forget again too…LOL!
    Seriously though, great vid man. Sometimes we don't always take our own advice!

  2. @mbyr31 I wanted to be sure I posted this video showing that I make mistakes, and often!! lol Hope all is well Brother!!

  3. I'm glad to see this video, before I proceeded to attack through the breather. I see you also like to use the magnetic parts tray. lost ine of the head bolts down the main shroud, and had to pull the engine to get it out. No need to detail the effort that was..
    AND everything I was mumbling under my breath

  4. @ristin59 I like showing my mistakes so others won't make them. I'll never claim to be perfect and I always laugh at my self when I don't follow my own good advice. Thanks for the words of encouragement!!

  5. @23mrcowboys Well my Friend….I like to keep my mind working so it doesn't go sour on me…lol. As for mastery of all of my interests….nah….I may have a couple that I consider "mastered", but…..there is always something new to learn, even if you think you've seen it all. Cheers Brother!!

  6. @oologahan lol….I fix all the Tecumseh engines that come through here with a sledge hammer. I've only found the old cast irons to even be worth re-selling. Then it's to the Sears guys who are rebuilding their Custom 10/12 xls. So you're one ahead of me by even having one in your possession! lol

  7. @oologahan Are they Cast iron horizontals or aluminum verticals? I've got a bucket of take off parts from an aluminum vertical shaft Tech powered Murray I swapped a Briggs into a couple years ago. No need for them here. Let me know buddy!

  8. Great stuff as usual. So dog gone humid the past two weeks I wish I had a decent fan for my garage. This video is giving me a idea!

  9. @ismokewead420 Thanks Weed!! I love doing them and my viewers appreciation really makes it easy to keep making the videos. Cheers!!

  10. Amen Zippo, America the Beautiful….Love it or Leave it ! great instructional on a baffling problem ,no doubt countless engines got thrown away due to this same condition, hope I find some of them !

  11. Hey Zip. I may be buying a Briggs 9hp from a snow thrower, its for the log splitter I'm building. Stumbled on this video from a couple years ago, glad you did it, in case I run into this issue.

  12. Can't beat a Briggs Cast Iron engine for dependability! Like to see the log splitter once you get her done up! Cheers!!

  13. He Zippo, have 72 K5 blazer, 350 LT1, last time started 1996, want to do a marvel mystery oil/ tranny fluid mix, what do you recommend?

  14. where can i get a head to fit that motor? I have a spark plug strip out and used a helicoil to fix and screwed up the head. are they available?

  15. I've been watching your videos, very interesting. I'm wondering if you could help me with my Briggs 243431 valves, intake spec is .007-.009 mine is .12 exhaust spec is .017- .019 mine is .21. How is the worn part determined, cam,tappet or valve ? It seems most info out there is on how to fix tight valves. Thanks Mark

  16. Mr. Varga, I have greatly enjoyed watching your videos, and have learned quite a few little tips and tricks along the way. I would like to say thank you for putting yourself out there, and sharing your knowledge and information.

    In your video about stuck valves, and one way to free them up by using transmission fluid. I agree with your tip, and would like to offer an additional tid-bit of info you might find useful. For quite a few years, I have relied on Marvel Mystery Oil for several lubricating needs, especially in small engines. I'm an avid fan of LawnBoy & Toro 2-cycle mowers, and have used MMO as my oil mix product of choice for years, in place of traditional 2-cycle oils. My engines are spotless inside and out, give peak performance, no traces of ash or carbon build-up, and always start first pull. And yes, I admit, I am very meticulous about my equipment…lol.

    On a side note, one of my favorite penetrating oils is a 50/50 mixture of brake fluid and MMO. Give it a shot, and give us your opinion. Thanks, and keep blogging!


    Avid watcher

  17. i also do small engine repair and run across something new every day that stumps me and i work 7 days a week ,, take some time off the project and think about it ,, when ya get frustrated ya tend to work backwards ,, you did a great job figuring it out and i learned something here !! thanks for the info ,,,,, i have ran across that before and before i did a teardown i sprayed sea foam in the motor while it was barely running , i let it sit over night and did the same thing the next day and it broke loose all the crud around the valve stems and that motor ran perfect , ive also mixed berrymans b12 in with the gas on an old start cold start and it works great on valve issues , hope this helps ya !! thanks again

  18. I love the U.S.A., and who doesn't can leave anytime. Zippo, can stuck valve cause a engine to act like carb is messed up. Only runs on full choke. From tank to engine every thing has been cleaned or replaced.

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