Briggs and Stratton – Surging / Choking Lawn Mower Fix

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Today we go over the process on how to repair your Briggs and Stratton push mower that may be surging or seems like it’s running with the choke on.

The issue is related to a failed fuel diaphragm that controls the amount of fuel that goes to the carburetor.

It’s a simple fix that anyone can do with minimal effort and simple hand tools

Part Needed #795083



2 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton – Surging / Choking Lawn Mower Fix

  1. I just replaced my diaphragm and gasket. Now mower surges. I checked the intake manifold and gasket was good. Put new intake oring on carb. Still surges? Will probably replace diaphragm again. Will let you know outcome.

  2. Another area I recently ran into is, check your intake manifold to make sure it's tight. Had one with the same symptoms of your mower and found it to be a loose manifold. Also replace the missing bolt, only two that hold it in place. Good info and an easy fix.

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