16 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton Twin Opposed Cylinder Magneto Coil Poblem

  1. hey bro im haveing same probs  but there's a guy  that said to check the coils  an see if there are ok an check  the ground  to the motor an see if the motor ground has burnt into some were  i found  the one right were the motor bolts to the frame  was to  close to the head an cuz the wire to over heat an lose contact, an if it one of the lawn mower  the briggs made cheap an  use the cheap silver wire then the wire brunt into some were cuz an hot to be  hook up, another prob  is the  switch could be bad, i have had the prob aswell ,  check coils muti meter  20k  reading should be 2.78  anything over that is bad if no reading coil bad , but if that doesnt solve  the prob  then it might be wire's disconnect  every wire  jump it off use a  jumper cable's  unplugg the kill switch from the coils, an u should be left with no wire to the motor leaveing only one cpmeing from the coil's  ok  if the motor  run's  an keeps  running  take the wire  from the coil's  an ground it to the motor  an it should  kill the motor , repeat it if motor run's  an keep running then it a wire issue  , an i would replace every wire with 12 gange 

  2. Sounds to me like a bad ground to the magneto or a diode used in the magneto that isn't connected correctly.I would start by disconnecting the the magneto kill wire to eliminate the switch and the wiring harness.With so many owners experiencing the same problem it is probably caused by an engineering mistake causing the magneto to overheat or a component used in the magneto that is breaking down under heat.usually when a solid state component breaks down its defective from that  point on.Try running a couple of different ground wires from the magneto using heavier wire and checking them with an ohm meter and again after it refuses to start My Brother in law has a unit with the same problem  but I haven't worked on the mag yet.

  3. My mower just started doing this. I'm on my second coil, they were both after market. When it was new out of the box the mower ran great for about 30mins. Then died and the troubleshooting began until I found that it does exactly like the mower in this video does…. Has anyone found what caused this and how to fixit. Do I try another coil?

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