10 thoughts on “Briggs and Stratton V-Twin governor assembly

  1. THanks for the instruction, clear and easy. Question my governor has a metal ring that fits ont othe shaft where the cap goes on? cannot remember which goes first? can you? Also did yuo find the right torque?

  2. Thanks for the video. The governor in my motor exploded and your video pointed me in the right direction for the repair. I replace the governor gear and reassembled, and it immediately rev'd to max and blew up the flyweights again. Does the orientation of the gear make any difference? I don't see any alignment marks.

  3. whats to keep cup and all from coming off I need the little ring that goes in between the cap and the gear but you have to order the the cup and the gear to get the ring

  4. I got a 18.5 hp BS Intek V twin with governor problems that it just revs. So amount of time to replace the governor from start to put back into operation on the lawn tractor is there if you know? Also parts cost what would a person be needing for parts and cost. I have one that I not sure if I can handle and trying to figure out what I could or should do…Thanks…..

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