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  1. I'm a homeowner for almost 7 years now in NJ but was previously a NYer since birth. 46 years later and minimal handyman skills because I was a renter, I learned a lot of hard DIY lessons and am still learning. We got water in the basement during Hurricane Irene in 2011 and I bought this generator right after as a "just in case". Then Sandy hit a year later. Again, the only instructions I initially followed was to change the starter oil the generator came with and replace it with store bought generator oil, which I bought along with the generator. I ran the generator when Sandy hit for 14 days straight, only stopping it to refuel. Since then, I used it about three more days due to power outages. So basically, I've run this Briggs & Stratton generator for about 17 days (408 hours) without checking or changing the oil, and no air filter check, no valve check, no cooling system, spark plug, muffler or debris check. I just found the instructions today because of the snowstorm currently here in NJ but, luckily, no power outages. After reading the maintenance list, I quickly realized that I am a generator abuser so I have a lot of work to do. In the meantime, I must say that I LOVE this generator because it has been working like a thoroughbred even without any maintenance. Terrific purchase, which was made during desperate times post Irene, as I did zero research. I better get my act together and take better care of my stuff.

  2. Buddy of mine in food business and has same genset. Previously he aquired it when moterist knocked down a utility pole with transformer on it. Later, Hurricane Sandy hit, he gave genset a hard workout, It did its job without complaint saving over $25 K in product. Buddy said: " best money ever spent."

  3. Bought this very generator yesterday morning at Home Depot. No power for two days now after the tornadoes here in OKC. Been running every since. Only shut it down twice. Once to change the oil and the other to refill the gas tank. Yes it's loud but its powering everything. Got extension cords running all through the house. Already scheduled an electrician to come install the inlet box and transfer switch next weekend so it will be an easier process next time this happens.

  4. The windings in the generator heads are aluminum, NOT copper. Briggs & Stratton makes an inferior product. GARBAGE! I hope you were able get a refund. Get a Honda, Yamaha or Subaru/Robin next time.

  5. Good unit. I converted mine to tri fuel in case I ran out of one or the other. Its worth the 200 extra bucks to be able to run any fuel you have. You can run a suicide cable in an extreme emergency and power the whole house if you had to, pull the meter or flip the grid main, plug in the 220 cable and fire up the generator.. or do it correctly if you have money and time and have the transfer switch installed. good unit.

  6. No they do not have an hour counter. They are units built before the china move im thinking. I dont care for the china made stuff cause it is crap in my opinion. Hope this helps.

  7. @flyerzfan10 I have ran my 1400 sf whole house of this including my central a/c witch is a new a newer low amp model a/c and i . I just used it last week the other side of my street was out of power it powered 4 of my neighbors freezers and frig and some lights and there tvs worked great for over 24 hours. only down fault it is a bit nosily . what is the amps and volts of your hot water heater and well pump at 220 it will only power 23amp and at 120 44 amps

  8. Are you running your entire home with this? I was looking into purchasing this generator myself. I see you have the 220 hooked up. Can you run your well pump and hot water heater at the same time? we were just without power for 30 hours and I told myself this is the last storm I go thru without a generator. Let me know. Thanks.

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