Briggs Intek 18-26 HP Governor Replacement See Description Click link to get your governor assembly.
In this video, I show the process of changing out the governor and resetting the governor of a Briggs 20 HP twin engine. Disclaimer:
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27 thoughts on “Briggs Intek 18-26 HP Governor Replacement See Description

  1. Why didn't you put the small gear on the oil pump first then the big one ? Think it would be easiest way?

  2. perfect video…i was putting a new connecting rod in my 24hp and i went to pick up the governor gear and it fell apart….i thought it was broken til i found this video

  3. I have a bs els 725 26hp. I just replaced the sump gasket set everything right but the rev keep climbing. The only way I can get it to come down is either the choke or manually moving the Governor throttle linkage. Also in turtle shouldn't the throttle be all the way up at the set screw thanks

  4. Thanks, great video! I think I have a trashed governor also on a BS 22HP twin, on a 2003-ish Craftsman GT5000. Is it possible to make this repair with the engine still on the tractor? And if I were to get a shop estimate instead of tackling it myself, what does your gut tell you a fair ballpark should be?

  5. I got a 18.5 hp BS Intek V twin with governor problems that it just revs. So amount of time to replace the governor from start to put back into operation on the lawn tractor is there if you know? Also parts cost what would a person be needing for parts and cost. I have one that I not sure if I can handle and trying to figure out what I could or should do…Thanks…..

  6. Does the governor arm (Crank) that goes into the crankcase have to be in certain position before you attach the crankcase back on or does it only fit on one way?

  7. Nice videos! I have a 20hp V twin with a loose governor shaft. This is the shaft that goes into the engine. The governor gear and governor spins on this shaft. How does this get repaired?

  8. This looks like what may solve my problem, but a little more info is needed, at least for me. How did you get the engine off the mower, and how was it disassembled?
    I have a White with this engine, but I cannot see how to get engine loose from frame without major disassembly.

  9. Great video! I pulled my 20hp Briggs apart and my governor had blown apart. I purchased the replacement parts per the video and put everything back together. Now she won't start. She turns over but that's it. Fuel is getting to the engine and I put new plugs in.

  10. So I just did a rebuild on the exact same engine and set the govenor according to the manual. I have yet to run it, but I guess my question is, will I destroy something if the manual is wrong about this?

  11. About the governor adjustment, the manual tells you to loosen the 7/16th nut, hold the throttle lever down so that the throttle is wide open and then rotate the governor stem that the 1/4" driver fits COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. Maybe I am missing something here, but it looks like you are rotating both your governor arm and the stem clock-wise. BTW, I always enjoy and benefit from your videos. Thank you!

  12. Wow, dude you just helped me solve a big problem I was having with my boss,s tractor. Very well done and informative video. I wish your family well and hope everything is alright. Thank you.- JD

  13. thanks DW6, I've got one of these mills sitting in the garage–going to attempt replacing an intek 17.5 on my wife's rider with the v-twin.  Video is much appreciated!

  14. Bobby looks to be in good spirits.  You sure have a great looking family, right down to the puppies.  We're keeping you guys in our family prayers.

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