Briggs Intek Head Gasket Symptoms

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This video I show the symptoms that’s involved with a Briggs single cylinder Intek engine that has a oil consumption problem brought on by a bad head gasket. you may also notice that there could be some oil leaking cost by the same problem of the headgasket pressurizing the oil crankcase causing weaker seals to allow oil to come out. however, the most prevalent symptom is burning oil roughly 4 to 8 ounces in 45 minutes of runtime at full throttle. I hope this helps out and good luck



15 thoughts on “Briggs Intek Head Gasket Symptoms

  1. Thanks for the tip! even after doing this after 8 years its nice to see "other ways" Setting up a leak down test can be a PITA and can give strewed results if the pressure by passes into crankcase.

  2. Is there a quick way to tell which V twin gasket is blown..I'm pretty sure my 24HP Intek has a blown head gasket but I can't tell which one..should the plugs show it?? Thanks great vids..

  3. I have a 6.75 briggs with a blown head gasket to the point where a fair amount of oil coming out the muffler. It will run, but blows a fair amount of oil out the muffler and of course smokes allot. With the head gasket blown, would that not make the compression low as well? I checked the compression before I checked the head gasket, and if I remember correctly it was around 80.

  4. I'm assuming this is my issue, mines a 15.5 and its blowing smoke out of the breather tube. I was thinking it was that but the smoke is very heavy and thick. Would you think it's my head gasket and do you by chance know if its the same gasket as your link?

  5. question on my craftsman lt1500 just put new push rods in it and it was working fine was cutting grass and i started loosing power and it shut down and wont start but still turns over what does that sound like a blowen head gasket . what do you think it is when i put push rods back in and set valves she started right up and used it about 3 times after that and worked good up until yesturday it stard action up like i said so let me know what you think it might be

  6. Thank you. This is exactly what's happening on my Intek. Once it's warm, it starts burning oil. Up to this point it has never used oil, and the power it good, for a 10 yr old engine.

  7. I have exact same tractor and I'm getting gasoline in my oil crankcase. When is far as to get a new carburetor and I've changed the head gasket. Still getting gas in crankcase. By chance any ideas?

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