HOW TO Diagnose , Fix and Repair a 18.5 Horsepower BRIGGS and STRATTON Intek OHV SINGLE Cylinder Engine that WON’T START or Motor STARTS then STOPS or DIES. OR Runs with CHOKE ON ONLY. A Cub Cadet LT 1018 model RIDING LAWNMOWER has been sitting too long and or in STORAGE. SAME PROCEDURE on ALL hp Briggs and STRATTON SIngle Cylinder OHV Motor models. SAME as CRAFTSMAN HUSQVARNA YARD MACHINES MURRAY POULAN JOHN DEERE etc… “THE TRANSMISSION WAS O.K! It just needed an idler pulley spring and a new BELT”.
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PLEASE KEEP IN MIND when you are watching my videos: I am demonstrating the least expensive, quickest “backyard”, “backwoods”methods for repairing or servicing your lawnmower. Replacing all components such as gaskets and fuel lines is always recommended when rebuilding or repairing equipment. With these videos I hope you are able to fix and repair your lawnmower yourself with minimal parts, knowledge and tools. Remember to always work safely and follow proper mechanic procedures. Thank you for watching!




  1. Sir your video is top notch & very professional. You have helped me & countless others I’m sure , I send you many many praises!!!!!! 👍

  2. Thanks for not calling the Briggs And Stratton engine crap. They are not that bad if you can keep them in good shape!

  3. wow you should check in order of cost and time oil,spark,air,fuel why would you not check that first you pulled the carbi apart when i believe it was the the plug.

  4. Love ur vids Jeff, I'm having problems with a Craftsman that I'm calling the problem child. Done several tests and having lots of issues. To much to put on here. Is there and email addy that I can send u what I have done and see if u can give me some answers? Thanks

  5. thank you for posting this video. Had an identical issue with my newly acquired Craftsman mower. Wife thinks I am a genius now. (for all of 5 minutes).

  6. Thank you for your video! More help needed…Hi, replaced the fuel solenoid after market part myself and mowed once without any problems; next week, mower won’t start and had loud series of backfires. Did I do something wrong with solenoid install? Any help on what to do next to fix issue is extremely appreciated.

  7. I took notice that the entire carb assembly Aiitook brand with the fuel shut off solenoid is $18 and the briggs and stratton solenoid walbro mexico is $40-80 just for the shut off solenoid. Clean the inline hole and carb with carb cleaner, ran great for 15 minutes like it should, engaged deck, stalled, won't start. I think the deck needs to be pressure washed clean clogged grass.

  8. I have a 24 hp Briggs and Stratton motor that is very hard to start and recently started backfiring. Once i get it started it's easy to start if i turn it off for about 30 minutes. Any help would be appreciated! By the
    Way its a craftsman.

  9. I just fixed mine. The bowl was loaded with dirt. Previous owner said it sat 2 years. Only think id add is I didn't shaved a 1/2" wrench to get the bowl off. I took a pair of channel locks and I gripped the bowl and loosened the bowl ( youre probably better off loosening the solenoid, that's where the threaded bolt is that hold the bowl} and then unscrewed it by hand. Id be careful and make sure you don't put to much pressure and crush the bowl. Good vid ! Thanks

  10. My 12 year old intek just threw a rod! I was surprised as I took very good care of it over the years! So off to Lowes for a new Twin Cylinder Kholer engine powered Craftsman lawn tractor! Lets see how long I can make this one last.

  11. I have an honest question, I am absolutely NOT a mechanic or very mechanically inclined, so I'm curious why you wouldn't have changed the spark plug 1st to see if that fixed the no start issue?

  12. On your next video, set the camera down, hand held video sucks !!I solved all the fuel problems on my 17.5 hp Briggs Intek by converting the engine to Propane fuel.  It is very easy to do and when the conversion is done correctly, it is perfectly safe and no hazard to anyone.The gasoline and alcohol business is one big JOKE on America. It is the biggest CON in the U.S.And I decided to do something about it; Not use gasoline anymore !!!My weed eater and generator are both Propane fueled also, just to show that I am serious about "No More Gasoline"

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