Briggs Intek V-Twin Hard-Starting & Surging Solutions

Christian Livingstone includes this video as an addendum to his “Poor Man’s Jay Leno’s Garage: Dixon Mower Re-Power & Mods” project: . It shows the solutions for solving hard-starting and surging symptoms on Briggs Intek V-Twin motors, namely, valve lash adjustment, some subtle reaming-out of Nikki low-side carburetor jet journals, and a governor adjustment. Though not meant as an exhaustive step-by-step how-to guide, enough demonstration is given that many will undoubtedly find it helpful in solving the same problems with their own motors, but more detail is also given in the earlier, project video itself.



13 thoughts on “Briggs Intek V-Twin Hard-Starting & Surging Solutions

  1. Feel like i am going in circles with mine, and what's up with carb baffle my original didn't have but new ones do (love instructions if installed re-install WTF)
    Guess i feel like i am loosing the battle

  2. Its the rubber tip on float in carb eythinol fuel makes it sticky change with stainless steel. I use horse syringe and blow air in fuel line going to carb pop it and i have to pop it every time shitty fuel shitty rubber dont mix. Ive seen a brand new fuel pump for a truck last a week wrong rubber fuel eats it i put 30 year old usa made rubber back in and fix china rubber is shit.

  3. Just bought a new old stock intek I was considering adjusting the valves upon installing it, this video is enough motivation to do it, I don't trust the factory work apparently for good reason

  4. I only got to 8 minutes but I'm pretty sure it's surging because you're pulling the choke off too quickly and the engine is still cold and it runs lean idles down a little bit gets a little richer idles up and it chases its tail until it's warm…. engines need a richer mixture while its cold. that's the whole point of a choke it's not just to start it.

  5. I see you have a remote oil filter. I've searched, but the only one I can find is the Briggs brand. Are you aware of any less expensive remote kits?

  6. I have a older craftsman Kohler Command 22.5hp V-twin mower and i am having a ton of surging and backfiring when mowing, Also a loss of power, I am trying to figure out the issue and i seem to have no luck figuring it out. Do you know what could cause this? Do you think it could be those jets/ports you referred to in this video of yours? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

  7. I believe you should have a vacuum fuel pump operated by crankcase vac/pressure to pull enough fuel for this big engine. If the fuel tanks are not high enough above the engine gravity alone may not be enough. Also a common issue is the rubber gasket behind the little black plastic jet with multiple holes can swell from ethanol in gas and does not allow proper a passage.

  8. Two things I always install(If they don't have them) are a FUEL filter and fuel shutoff valve. They cost about $5 at my local small engine parts house. This eliminates most carburetor problems ad allows we to shut off the fuel and let the carburetor run dry when they go into storage. I also add a little Seafoam to the gas,, occasionally, to keep the FUEL system as clean as possible. I add one ounce of Seafoam per gallon of gas in the tank and let it run until the tank is empty. I also use nothing but premium non-ethanol gas in all of my outdoor power equipment.

  9. finally a video on a new Briggs twin. I have the same problem. I took the jets off but didn't see a issue with the little rubber O rings on the jets..wished i had changed them..but the carb looked cleaner than a baby's booty.
    When adjusting your values …Did you have seats on your value ends?  I didn't see any on mine. 28 hp 810cc…. I'm going to check my governor even tho my surging has gotten better…………My major issue is my oil turning black and using 1/3 quart after each hour.
    No oil leakage….no smoke coming out of the exhaust…..Both values have been off..didn't have a blown head gasket…they looked new…but I changed them anyway…my spark plugs getting white looking after only a few hours. I have changed them 3 times so far this summer…..I have an overheating issue somewhere…no dirt or anything on the outside of the heads….Just damn confusing right now…I have put new hoses everywhere. New fuel pump and filter…..

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