Briggs Intek V-Twin OHV Valve Adjustment (Hard Starting)

Adjusting loose valves because the engine would not turn over.
It seems lots of people have trouble with there Inteks not turning over
TRACTOR: Craftsman LT1000 (2002?)
ENGINE: Briggs I/C 16.5 HP Cast Iron Sleeve
REAR END: MST-206 (6 Speed)Peerless Transaxle
TOP SPEED: 11 MPH (17.7 KM/H)
RATIO(Before Tranny): 1.3:1
MY WELDER: Clarke Weld 130 MIG Gas/No Gas
ENGINE OF CHOICE: Briggs and Stratton



35 thoughts on “Briggs Intek V-Twin OHV Valve Adjustment (Hard Starting)

  1. Ha ha my oposed does ent have valve covers pane to ajust on mine happy for u though iv got too buy gaskit for my mtore my head is leaking lol!

  2. I am a 38 year old ASE certified mechanic. I have never worked on small engines before. I learned something new today Great video thanks for the help

  3. You sound young my friend and you are on the correct path to being a good small engine tech. I always get excited when I see young men getting it right. Keep on wrenching. And to comment on a post below, valves that are out of adjustment will create backfires. If the valves don't have the proper spring torque against them then the combustion cycle escapes in reverse through the carburetor creating backfire. "The path of least resistance" theory. 

  4. It's good to see young people taking an interest in working on their own things, two things you need the piston at top dead center and you need to torque the lock nuts . Keep on wrenching.

  5. Around 1:401:42 when you turned the engine by hand and the exhaust valve went in is that like what they call top dead center.  I had heard you have to get the engine at top dead center before adjusting valves.  I am trying to learn how to do this myself.  Any help is appreciated.

  6. To set the valve clearances, you need to first remove the spark plugs… turn the crank so that the piston is at TDC (top dead centre) in the compression stroke, you can do this by putting a screw driver down the plug hole and feeling for when the piston is right at the top of its stroke, both valve should be lose, and then you set them at this point… this probably won’t be the problem why the motor isn’t turning over… anyway, I dint have an issue, but I feel this young guy, although he is sill learning, should rather do some homework first and learn a bit more about small engines before trying to teach others via YouTube… anyway, didn’t mean to offend the young lad… 

  7. Couldn't get passed 1:31. Not knocking you ,but learn how to talk. And get to know your tools,parts,ect. Before you use uhh, umm. Sounds uneducated

  8. Nice job young man, however, Briggs' engine spec manual states .005 for intake but .008 for the exhaust. So if your engine bogs a bit under load, you may consider loosening your exhaust valves slightly…

  9. Great Job on this Video and trying to help others (although I would suggest you do more research and ask questions / taking advice from more experienced mechanics, in order to learn how to do it right before making a video that may confuse others)! Makes my heart swell to see a young man learning and working on an engine, instead of playing video games! Don't be put off or bothered with the negative types, but rather you may learn from more experienced mechanics or again do more research which will aid greatly in your mechanical skills! Again Excellent work!

  10. Good Job ! After you adjust them the first time and before you re-install the cover(s): turn the engine over a few revolutions and recheck the clearances. Then do it a third time. When installing the covers, be sure to clean the mating surfaces thoroughly, then apply a very thin film of black rtv on the gasket. Tighten using a cross pattern, never tighten sequentially in a clockwise/ccw pattern!

  11. I had looked high and low for an example of the rocker arms on my B&S Professional series engine.  Based on my experience and that of those much more experienced in small engines, it is not a good design.  In any event, found this and it really helped me out because of the straight forward approach.  Thanks, to the young man that posted it.  Don't worry about the critics just keep learning whatever you choose to pursue.  I am nearly 60 with a PhD and have done R&D projects for the last three decades.  I still have a lot to learn and, if I put forth the effort and am lucky, pick up some good info in some area every day.

  12. this is just like shark tank, very inspiring to see young people interested in fixing things, a very good informative video that I will use to adjust the valves on a 22hp Briggs on a Yardman mower a very hard starting motor, only spins 14 turn even with a charger hooked up.

  13. Hey man Thanks…. I'm having this exact issue and thought I needed a new battery or starter. Now, I'm adjusting the valves…. Cool Cat too! Thanks again -BB

  14. Ok, I watched ALL of the Briggs OHV videos, and they all did one thing wrong. Except this kid. He got it correct. The star screw is the adjuster, and the big nut is the locking nut.

  15. Well your probably a little older now, proud of you willing to tackle these engines and repair them. I'm just an old man, but still working on engines for friends and family. Your videos are very well done. Keep up the good work. Just call me Daddyo.

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