42 thoughts on “Briggs Intek V-Twin Throttle and Governor Controls Explained

  1. great info !! should you adjust your governor once in awhile ? because your motor vibrates so much , you would think it would come out of adjustment .

  2. I just got a mower and its governor dont work and it sucks cause the revs creep up uncontrollably i can see a spring that dont belong down there i will try and sort it later

  3. Got one for free.. replaced internal gov and same racing issue. Pretty sure it grenaded again.. uggg…

    Atleast its an easy swap.

    Thanks for the info buddy.

  4. Perfect lesson for me. I have the same linkage & I too feel this runs too fast at idle. I can mow at idle throttle & still not use full drive, barely touch it. What to do? Idle screw on carb, governor idle spring, adjustment, or do these engines need to run that fast, it's new & I presume the idle is set correctly. Best to adjust the drive and leave the engine alone?

  5. Could you show the proper choke linkage set up on that motor? I replaced my carb assembly and I think I'm missing a spring for my choke. It's all loose and the engine pulses when I can get it started. Thanks for the video.

  6. One of the best videos on linkage so far for me. I’m working on one of these engines, for the local church. It caught fire,I believe though having 2 of the belt pulleys seized and a bad oil leak. The air intake melted along with the black plastic jet bit at the front of the carb. I’ve replaced the carb, now on the linkage. What I haven’t been able to get my head around is the carb is on full throttle and there isn’t a spring to pull the throttle up to tick over position Now after watching this video I’m wondering if governor lifts it up when the engine starts. Could you advise me on this. Regards Pete Arnold. Sea Palling.

  7. Thanks Bro. A word to the wise, take off that ring and any other jewelry when you are working on this stuff. If you happen to ground it to the battery you will painfully find out why. God Bless.

  8. I have a Briggs 23hp v twin and I thought about giving it just a little more throttle ( by messing with the governor ) but I don’t want my engine to end up like the one in the video so I think I will just leave it where it is now. Or can I still do this but just not to Mutch

  9. You are a star! I’ve rebuilt the carb on my 24hp Intek V twin (44S877].. Now I can’t see how to reconnect the linkages!! Any way you might show what rods connect to what? Best…

  10. I have one like this and want to get more rpms for racing. I tried what the other guy did and it screamed at 5500 rpms until I shut it off. So obviously that's not the way to do it. What could I do?

  11. Mbakken,

    I've recently had a problem with fluctuating idle – you could visibly see the governor moving throttle up and down. Happened at all speeds. I've read that all surging, hunting, or fluctuating idle speeds is typically a problem with the carburetor being clogged. . .

    I pulled the carburetor apart and cleaned the thing thoroughly, but now it races extremely fast, the governor never engages. I've set it for WOT too endure that the governor pages the throttle up, but it seems like the Governor is broken and could've been my problem all along?

    On this motor, if the governor is adjusted too far the other direction, is there enough room for the collar shaft to fall off and into the oil pan? This is the only thing I can think of that would explain why the governor isn't engaging… Unless the carb is flooded?

  12. Thanks for the great video. I live in Brazil and I have a lawnmower with this engine. Here it is difficult to find a mechanic to repair. My engine has a problem that seems to be governor. When I start the engine, it is constantly accelerating and decelerating, this happens at idle, or full throttle. Could you tell me what might be the problem?

  13. I have tried every possible adjustment and I can’t get it right. When I start the engine it goes to WOT….. any suggestions?

  14. Your videos are very helpful

    I have a craftsman riding mower # 917203900. That had been in a pasture for years

    It wouldn’t start
    Charged battery
    I replaced all gaskets in carb changed oil dand added fresh fuel

    I got it to start It hesitated and backfired
    Drove maybe 15 feet engaged blades all was well parked it and thought I was done
    Went to restart it
    Engine started racing
    The throttle linkage rod had slipped out of the arm.
    I put it back in and the engine still races ncontrollable
    So I adjusted the valves to .005
    And it is still racing
    Help please!!!

  15. Thank u for this video, please Kipor diesel engine generator 7000 kva its rpm fallen down when is loaded which causing voltage output decreases up to 180 volt and frequency to 40 HZ, so how can I fix it to keep the proper rpm ?…….thank u in advance for reply

  16. For the life of me can't figure out how the throttle cable moves the governor arm. The L tab which sticks out from the inside of the wheel that the cable attaches to does not hit the governor arm to raise it up and close the carb/throttle butterfly and induce idle.

    basically, when I move the lever from the turtle to the bunny, the cable moves the wheel, but the throttle linkage and governor arm do not move.

  17. Keith D
    I was going to ask you why you took the engine all apart for a static governor adjustment when you showed me all the internal parts! Wow!

  18. I have a 993cc horizontal shaft standby generator that I want to convert from NG to gasoline. Any suggestions on a carburetor? I don't have a donor engine so would I have to change the governor too? I think both are designed for 3600 RPM. Thanks. Subbed too.

  19. Thank you so much for this video. I changed my carb and fooled with the governor like an idiot and had engine racing. Haven't ran it 1 full minute tho so very thankful for this video

  20. Does the internal flyweight of the governor pull the governor arm counter clockwise when engine is running?? I have adjusted governor the way you described and still the engine wants to race. At idle, the governor arm is not pushing up enough to push throttle against idle screw. When I start the engine, it automatically begins to race even with throttle lever positioned to idle.

  21. I have a Briggs Endurance 24hp V Twin engine. Only 63 hrs on it. Its surging at low and high speed. Started surging randomly out if the blue. Changed the fuel filter, fresh fuel, new spark plugs, carb looks clean, new air filter, no air leaks found, bowl solenoid works, fuel pump works, no vapor lock. Any idea? Engine model is 44N877-0005G1.

  22. now if you don't turn the nut counter clockwise , you should be save to make the adjustment without any problem?because my concern is , if you loosen the nut on the end and the nut on the right was really out of wack , could it come apart on the inside?

  23. Where to set Governor Controls when replacing a single Choke/Throttle control cable?27HP Briggs V-TwinModel : 44Q977Type   : 0119G5Code  : 130502YG Cheers

  24. Thank you sir for taking the time to help others you don't even know and making this very descriptive video.
    answered my questions. It is people like you that make the world a better place.
    God bless

  25. BTW, the length I was asking for was just for that short, stiff wire that goes on the side of the carb, (opposit the chock link) connected directly to the throttle, not the flexible cable going t the dash

  26. Was trying to avoid over paying $5.00 (plus shipping) for $.001 worth of wire. I actually did have to bend some of the tabs to get the engine to idle right. There's another guy on the tube that talks about doing just that.

  27. Really good video, very helpful! I used it to get the engine running, but now I just need some finer adjustments

    I broke the throttle linkage on my engine and made a replacement. I made what I thought was a good match size wise, but was not 100% sure if the length was "really" right. I falsely assumed that just by adjusting the governor arms setting , that would basically compensate for that linkage being slightly off length-wise. However, using that new linkage, I found that the (Larger) main governor spring was still fairly loose (sloppy) when the engine was off & with the engine running at full throttle, it ran noticeably slower than before. I could push down on the governor arm and get it to speed up.
    Q 1) Do you know the correct length of the throttle linkage at the points where it engages both of the 2 appropriate holes?
    Q2) Should the (Larger) main governor spring be under slight tension at "off" or what?

  28. Thanks for the post. I recently rebuilt this motor, but when I got it all back together I had very little movement in the governor screw (?). Any advice on how to fix this?

  29. Thanks, can you do one on the automatic choke linkage hookup on a 44r877-0001g1 code 131216yg? the choke has 2 rods, when one goes up the other goes down. It doesn't appear to be in the repair manual

  30. Hi, I recently removed and cleaned out the carburetor on a Briggs. Now my choke won't start the engine cold or hot, I have to manually poor some fuel down the carburetor to start the engine. What did I do wrong? Thanks.

  31. I very much enjoy your teaching approach. Your 'show and tell' method is done with great clarity of detail, explaining how parts work and how each may depend on the proper performance of another. Also, I'm very pleased and impressed by the effort and time that you invest, in making sure that your viewers know the proper name of each part being replaced/repaired. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and skills with all of us. ~ Khoaken~

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